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Creative Writing - from whence comes this urge?

Updated on June 15, 2012

Why do people write? From whence cometh this desire?

This desire realized: My darling, communicating with her niece - centre of photo -Umina Beach, NSW, just north of Sydney.  Picture taken in 1982.
This desire realized: My darling, communicating with her niece - centre of photo -Umina Beach, NSW, just north of Sydney. Picture taken in 1982.

Yes - Why do people write?

Welcome to Creative Writing - From whence cometh this urge?

Why is it that so many of us find ourselves writing on Hubpages? Is it because we know we can write just about anything, any subject of our choice and, providing it’s not what the Hub people euthenistically call ‘Adult’ content, we can get away with it. Nobody is going to say ‘No.’ No editorially-oriented proof-reader is going to humiliate us with their criticisms, and no non-caring book or magazine editor is going to give us the thumbs down. No rejections slips here. We are free to write virtually what we like, how we like and when we write.

I like Hubpages

I like Hubpages. And apparently 80,000 -plus others do too, according to the Hub people’s blurb; something which I read for the first time only today after being allowed to post well over one hundred Hubs on their site. Is it any wonder they’re so popular. You write something, post it, and people come back to you saying, “Good Hub, mate.” Or, to use the very over used vernacular to describe something not far above mediocre: “Awesome!” Yes, and along with an exclamation mark or three. No wonder we all love it so. All praise, virtually no condemnation. All priase Hubpages, I say.

Memories fade even more quickly than photographs

I knew this old lady for fifty-two years.  At eight-eight she could still play like a concert pianist.  She was my mother
I knew this old lady for fifty-two years. At eight-eight she could still play like a concert pianist. She was my mother

Wow! Someone noticed!

A few days ago I noticed all these logos and icons – call them what you may – appearing on my Profile Page. Wow! Someone has noticed (okay, we know it’s via an previously written and posted computer program) that I’ve put on a hundred Hubs and I’m told: “Great job, Tom. You’ve posted a hundred.” We all love praise, so why wouldn’t we love this sort of thing? No, I’m not being cynical. These things work.

Why we write - It is all to do with REAL communication

When I sat down at my PC this morning to write this I was intending to write about writers: why we write; what urges us to do so. It is all to do with real communications, I think, one soul reaching out to touch another. We don’t do much of that in our society. People rarely touch each other in that way, no not even lovers. As an old guy who’s been married for over fifty years – and looking at the Western World’s divorce rate of around 50% I can safely say this – even people who have long-lasting relationships often fall short of this wonderful ‘soul-to-soul communication we all long for. It is is rare indeed.

Memories fade- Thank God for photographs

The years have turned these two physical bodies into a middle-aged man and an old lady, but their souls are ageless- as are we all...
The years have turned these two physical bodies into a middle-aged man and an old lady, but their souls are ageless- as are we all...

It's all to do with our innermost feelings

So writing gives us a chance to pour out our souls , our innermost feelings - if we’re game enough - to readers who will read us and, in all likelihood, not disparage what we say; may even emphasize with it; get back to us with feedback; become one of our ‘followers’ even. Were to meet such people face-to-face we might blush with embarrassment. But when we read their stuff and they read ours we are getting as close as we can , it seems, to the sort of communication, the ‘touching of beings’ we seek.

And this desire...Why do people write? Would you, too, like to try an explanation...

So – what a conjoining word – so I’m grateful to the Hubpage people, and to all those many contributors who are making this site so rewarding to belong to. I will continue to both read and write here, as I hope you too, dear reader, will do the same. May it reward you in all the ways you would like to be rewarded.

I hope you enjoyed Creative Writing - from whence cometh this urge. And yes, I like Hubpages

Keep smiling



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  • profile image

    Tusitala Tom 

    8 years ago

    Changed my mind re those keywords. If you don't use them no one finds you. Well, not unless you've already got a good following.

  • Tusitala Tom profile imageAUTHOR

    Tom Ware 

    8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Billy and Lynda's comments above have convinced me: I'm going to drop the 'keywords' approach and simply get on with writing and posting. I'll do this until year's end anyway. I'll review at the beginning of 2011.

    My thanks to both Billy and Lynda. A new Hub will 'hit' the Internet very, very shortly.

  • lmmartin profile image


    8 years ago from Alberta and Florida

    I write because it's what I do. I find a reason, something to say, to share, and in my novels I take that message and slip it unnoticed into a highly entertaining story. I love spinning that yarn, dreaming up this world in which I play God, building the pieces, putting them together, coming to the end of the first draft. Then going back, improving, re-writing, finding the best words for each situation. I love it and it's what I do, part of who I am and I will probably have a huge stack of work in progress on my desk the day I die. I don't ask why. I just write.

    I see the advice in the comment above me. There may be some truth to what billy is telling you, but I don't do it. Instead, I write from my heart and make it the best it can be (withing the time frame I allot for hubpages) and over the nine months I've been here, I've attracted considerable readership, with 60% of my views coming from outside hubpages. I get requests to quote, to use, to link from other sites all the time. And I've never used one single key-word. How about that?

  • billyaustindillon profile image


    8 years ago

    Yes Tom i agree I have done the same and it kills the flow but if you want people to read it you have to unfortunately. Sometimes the keywords don't get the desired results though which can be aggravating. You change the story and .... Though it could mean it is a totally uninteresting story. That is part of the experience too no doubt - making things interesting and expanding ones own experience.

  • Tusitala Tom profile imageAUTHOR

    Tom Ware 

    8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    You are right, Billy, there are lots of good people here. I must admit I've doctored (butchered more like it) some of my own work to fit in adwords so that the 'spiders' will find me. Not for money though. Like everyone else, I expect, I want to get read. We're not doing personal 'diary-type' writing for 'our eyes only' here, mate.

  • billyaustindillon profile image


    8 years ago

    Tom you address an interesting point - [people write here for all reasons some to make money from adsense and affiliates and spend all day getting the right keyword and back links. Others write here to get their word out. Others write here to develop their writing and may have bigger aspirations. others perhaps are empowered as you say there is no real criticism. For me I kink the writing experience I can work on my writing and technique and I can get out what I want to say and hey it is a heck of good community - lots of good people here.


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