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Wikimedia Commons; A Useful Site for Properly Citing Photos

Updated on October 21, 2011
Example of properly cited photo. All of this information is easy to find and provided for you on each photo.
Example of properly cited photo. All of this information is easy to find and provided for you on each photo. | Source

Properly citing photographs in a hub is one of the more common things that is overlooked here on HubPages. While you will probably get away with it most of the time, if you at least give some credit to where you pulled it from, if you ever want to enter contests with your hub it will hold you back. I struggled with this for a while, and still do from time to time. Finding the proper info to cite your photo can be a pain and is not always easily accessible. I recently found a website that makes this much easier. Wikimedia Commons is a database with tons of photos, videos, and even sounds that the community has put on display. These photos have all of the necessary copyright information provided for you in a Wikipedia style page.

The page will provide you with the necessary style of copyright and sometimes the owners of the media will put it into public domain. When this is the case, simply label your source as public domain and then link to the page where it verifies that.

The database is not the largest around, so if you want a very specific photo it may not help you. But if you need photos for a broader topic it is well worth the look. I have yet to find an easier to use site and I simply love the fact that all necessary copyright information is broken down and provided for you every time. Hopefully if you've been struggling with this, as I had for a while, this hub and site will help you out. Thanks for reading!


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  • homesteadbound profile image

    Cindy Murdoch 6 years ago from Texas

    I believe that too many times you are correct, photos are not annotated correctly and credit is not given. It is really to our benefit that so many wonderful photos are out there for others to use. I love to put photos in my hubs, and have hubs that exceed 40 pictures that had to be credited. It took time to do it, but if they had not taken the time to download them to make them available I would not have had them to begin with. I also think it is a matter of courtesy.