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Writing Motivation: Five Things That Can Hinder Your Success On Hubpages.

Updated on July 4, 2013

What Defines Success On Hubpages?

I'm fairly sure that most of you have probably seen the movie 'The Matrix'. Remember the character Morpheus? There was a scene in the movie where he asked this question to Keanu Reeves character, Neo; "What is real, how do you define real?" That movie is a far cry away from the point I'm trying to make here. However, I thought it would make for a great comparison in this particular instance.

What is success on Hubpages? How do you define success? Just like in 'The Matrix', this question can't entirely be interpreted by a single person. It can and does vary from individual to individual. What I personally define as success for myself on Hubpages may be totally different from the next 'hubber'. Some of us here use writing as a hobby, while others are here to potential earn extra bucks. I'm sure that there are even writers here that are looking to turn their passion into a full-blown income.

No matter what your reasoning is or was for joining and being a contributor member on Hubpages is, there is at least one thing that we all share in common on here; we all love to write. Fiction, non-fiction, sport commentaries, politics, short stories - the list can go on as to what the creative juices in our brains can concoct here on Hubpages.

In my personal opinion, Hubpages is one of the best online writing platforms there is. It's a site that welcomes newcomers from all walks of life, while allowing then to not feel alienated or intimidated about joining. Hubpages also allows novice and veteran writers to earn monthly from their writing. Any writer that chooses to join Hubpages doesn't need much experience if any, which is one of the things that I really like about this site. Writers here are always able to learn, apply, and grow.

I don't know what your level of success on Hubpages may be. However, I do know a few bad habits that can keep anyone of us from achieving our goals on here. I'm going to point out five things that can hinder us in finding that Hubpages type of success. Most of these tips will be self explanatory and obvious. However, think of me as a Hubpages drill sergeant in this hub. You can view me as Sgt. Slaughter from 'G.I. Joe'. We're going to whip you into Hubpages shape.

"My job is to whip you into shape and I mean WHIP!"-Sgt. Slaughter
"My job is to whip you into shape and I mean WHIP!"-Sgt. Slaughter | Source


Why are you so freaking lazy? Okay, maybe that's me being a little bit too blunt and straight forward. I heard a guy ask that question once on Youtube, and I thought it would be cool to equate it to my point. Don't get mad and click off of the article just yet. I'm not questioning your work ethic on Hubpages, just trying to add a bit of sarcasm.

It's indeed true that none of us will reach our writing goals if we're lazy with our writing. We can't put out poor quality works of words, and expect for others to take us serious. I'm not saying that a 'hubber' must write multiple articles on a daily basis to gain that writing trophy of success. I'm personally not able to accommodate to that myself. However, what I am saying is that you have to be consistent in writing.

Whether you're able to write 1 hub per week or multiple hubs on a weekly basis, it's important not to be lazy and not write at all. What works for me is writing at least once a week, and on a good week I'll go for two. I seldom write more than two hubs per week. I have to allow my head to come up with new ideas, so writing once a week works for me. Don't be a lazy writer though. It's a bad habit that will keep you stagnant.

Giving Up!

"You're quitting and you haven't even tried yet!" These were the words of popular motivation speaker Eric Thomas. How do you expect to find success on Hubpages - let alone anywhere else, if you're throwing in the towel when times get hard? Some of those motivational mantras that we apply to our lives also apply here on Hubpages.

I think that a lot of writers on here come in with unrealistic expectations. They assume that if they write a few articles the dollars will just start falling from the sky. Hey, it's raining money here on Hubpages! Yea right! Of course that would be nice, but in reality it doesn't work that way. The journey to earning on Hubpages can be a rigorous journey that isn't for the faint of heart. In fact, you're probably in the wrong place if you're looking to earn fast.

If you want to achieve that level of success on Hubpages that you're hoping for, you have to work at it, work at it, work at it. You can't quit just because your daily views aren't where you want them to be. All members on Hubpages have to pay their dues in order to gain notoriety. With that said, I'll end with the words Jean Rocha said in the movie 'Never Back Down'. "Keep going, don't give up, never give up, NEVER BACK DOWN!"

Going At It Alone!

I think that being a loner in certain points in life is a good thing. I somewhat classify myself as loner at times. However, that doesn't apply here on Hubpages, or any other writing site for that matter. If you want to gain that exposure and have your work seen, you're going to have to interact and network with other people on here.

There are truly some talented and authentic writers on here. There are also writers on here that may not be the most talented from a technical standpoint, but they have regular readers and comments coming in daily. You can have all the talent in the world, but you'll always be limited if you don't interact with other writers on here.

I've used this example in a previous hub, and I'm going to use it again here. When I was close to reaching my very first payout, I was corresponding daily with another 'hubber'. When he became aware that I was near having enough for my first payout, he began sharing a lot of my hubs on his Twitter account. Because I had him in my corner and helping to push me, I earned enough at the end of that particular month go get my first payout. You can't go at this alone and expect to have success.

Not Being Open To Criticism.

Whenever you make the decision to sign up on any writing site where what you put down can be seen by others, you're always making yourself susceptible to potential criticism. Hopefully, you're one of those people that is already aware of the game you're playing before joining the team. However, if you're not, then you may at times feel like you're walking into the lions den.

You have to be open to criticism here on Hubpages if you're going to be successful. If you come into it with the attitude of someone that knows they're a good writer and can't nobody tell me nothing, then you're going to struggle. You may ask yourself; Why is that the case? Simply because if you're not open to criticism, then you're not going to learn and grow. Like I said earlier, learn, apply, and grow.

No matter how good of a writer you are or claim to be, you're never too good to receive advice or feedback from others. The community on here is friendly for the most part, so if anyone is dishing out criticism on your work, then it's likely that their intentions are only to help you out. Criticism can be bad, but it can also be a good thing as well. You just have to be open to listening and learning from it.

Not Properly Promoting Your Writings.

So you've spent hours writing what you think is the perfect article. You've researched it well, you've carefully and methodically proofread it, and now you're ready to hit that submit button. You pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Now it's time to sit and wait for the views, comments, and earnings to add up right? WRONG!

In my personal opinion, promoting your work is just as if not more important than writing itself. You may spend hours writing a hub, but you'll probably spend days, months, and even years promoting your hubs if you want to have success on here. The various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit can be your best friends when it comes to promoting your work. You have to use them in order to get added exposure.

Remember, there are only so many members on Hubpages that are going to see your writing. However, once your articles start being seen in search engines like Google and Yahoo, then the sky is the limit as to who will see your work. Never feel like writing alone is just enough. You have to promote your hubs just as hard as you work on them. Keep that in mind.

Have you reached the level of success you've wanted on Hubpages?

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We've now reached the conclusion of this hub, so lets once again go over the main points. If you want to reach the level of success you're wanting on Hubpages, you can't be lazy. Make it a priority to write at least once a week, or on a consistent basis. Whatever time and schedule that works for you is okay, just make sure to write every now and then.

Don't give up so soon in the beginning. If you're willing to put in the time and effort, you'll be able to earn a few dollars on here. Always look to connect with and befriend other 'hubbers'. This is a social networking site as much as it's a writing site. Going it at all alone will make things an uphill climb. Allow yourself to be open to criticism and feedback from others, and make sure to spend time promoting your works.

It's great to be a talented writer, but I don't think it's necessary to be the best writer in order to find success on Hubpages. If you're willing to learn and be active on here, you'll enhance your chances of being able to reach the finish line of whatever race you've decided to set for yourself on here.

I'm far from an expert nor the best writer on here, and I've yet to entirely reach the level of success I want. However, I can say without a doubt that I'm fairly happy with my standing on here at this point. As I mentioned earlier, we all have different definition of what we consider success on here. It's time to go for it, and achieve that level of success you want.


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    • prospectboy profile imageAUTHOR

      Bradrick H. 

      4 years ago from Texas

      @William15, Thank you very much sir for taking out the time to check out this hub. I appreciate it a lot!

    • William15 profile image


      4 years ago from America

      Thanks for the great hub! I really appreciate it.

    • prospectboy profile imageAUTHOR

      Bradrick H. 

      5 years ago from Texas

      @stephanieb27, Thank you very much. I think that one quality hub per week is manageable for anyone, regardless of what level of writing they're on. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving your feedback. It's greatly appreciated :)

    • prospectboy profile imageAUTHOR

      Bradrick H. 

      5 years ago from Texas

      @Mike Robbers, Hello sir! Glad you found this useful. I agree with you that attitude plays a big part in writing, just like it does in everyday life. We all suffer from 'bad habits' at times, but we should try to minimize them as much as possible. Thank you for taking out the time to read this and leave your feedback. Continued success to you!

    • prospectboy profile imageAUTHOR

      Bradrick H. 

      5 years ago from Texas

      @hawaiianodysseus, Hello once again my friend Mr. Joe! Thank you very much for the always touching comments. I know that I must be doing something somewhat right if a great writer such as yourself complemented me on how I delivered this hub. That really means a lot coming from you, so thank you again.

      You are doing extremely well on here, so I'm glad that you found even more encouragement from this hub. Thanks again my friend, and best wishes to you always.

    • prospectboy profile imageAUTHOR

      Bradrick H. 

      5 years ago from Texas

      @Dvd Zermeno Perez, Glad to read another one of your comments. Thank you. You're a relatively newcomer here I see, and I think it's great that you've already won 2 rising star contests. That's really great, and shows the potential you have on here. I'm really glad that you found this motivating, but I'm positive you don't need it. I can already tell that you're self-driven. Thanks again, and keep up the great work!

    • prospectboy profile imageAUTHOR

      Bradrick H. 

      5 years ago from Texas

      @jhendor, Thanks for taking out the time to check this out. I'm glad that you found it motivational. I know what it's like to be lazy on here. My first several months on here was full of inactivity and laziness. When I finally started being more active on here, I began to reap the benefits more than I previously did. Keep moving towards your goals. Best wishes to you, and thank you again!

    • stephanieb27 profile image


      5 years ago from United States

      Great hub! I'm shooting for once a week again, too! I have some new ideas and need to work on promoting my old hubs. :)

    • Mike Robbers profile image

      Mike Robbers 

      5 years ago from London

      Inspirational and quite useful hub. Attitude (towards writing) is everything. One must get rid of the 'bad habits' you mention in your article and 'success' will follow soon!

    • hawaiianodysseus profile image

      Hawaiian Odysseus 

      5 years ago from Southeast Washington state

      Congratulations on yet another inspirational and successful article, Brad. I found this to be nicely structured and pleasantly delivered. It's one of those hubs that have evergreen quality all over it because of its usefulness to newbies and veterans, tomorrow, and for years to come.

      As I am standing at a fork in the road in my own HP journey, this was a message I definitely needed to hear...and be encouraged by. Thank you so much, my Lone Star friend, for being at the right place at the right time. Aloha and mahalo, and best wishes for a happy and memorable weekend!


    • Dvd Zermeno Perez profile image

      David ZermeƱo 

      5 years ago from Mexico

      True! Thanks for the tips and I'll try to avoid all the wrong thing to do in HubPages, at the moment I already won 2 rising star contests and I'm really happy about it!! because HubPages realizes that I'm working hard to get the traffic and promotion, Thanks for the motivation. Voted up.

    • jhendor profile image


      5 years ago

      This motivational is just about what I need at this time. Laziness does set in indeed. Several times, I have had to sets goals that I hardly meet up with. But I will revise my goals to be more realistic. It's a good idea that we write a minimum of one hub per week. I will heed to your points. Thanks so much.


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