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You Won't Earn Money With HubPages Unless You Master a Few Simple Concepts

Updated on April 17, 2013

Why Most People Give Up on HubPages

Many people have joined HubPages wrote a few hubs and then threw in the towel. After months of checking their Adsense accounts daily and often more than once. With Adsense earnings not even close to ten dollars yet alone the one hundred dollars needed to receive a first payout check from Google. This disappointment is often too much to handle and most people get tired, give up and just quit.

Many of us when we first started writing hubs had grandiose illusions, including myself. We thought by simply writing a few hubs the money would come rolling in. Sorry to burst your bubble, this simply is not going to happen without dedication, hard work and the knowledge on how to make it happen.

What Separates Adsense Winners from Losers

We have all heard the stories, people earning thousands of dollars a day from Adsense. This is what makes it so frustrating for those that have actually have put in the hard work required to write quality hubs.

Unfortunately it takes more than just hard work alone to succeed as an internet marketer. I do not use the term marketer lightly. This is actually what you are doing with every character you type on the screen. You are creating a product, a product that comes from your heart, from research or even from a higher power. This is only the first part and often the easy part. Then comes the hard part of selling it and getting people to take time out from their busy lives to actually read it.

We have all heard and read about the success stories of those few individuals that make enough from their Adsense earnings to allow them to quit their job, work from home and live happily ever after. These individuals posses both knowledge and a burning desire to succeed. Two key elements needed to be successful at earning significant money online.

I can't help you with the desire, although I can share a few things that I learned along the road of hard knocks that may help make your journey to success a little easier. My methods have not earned me the riches we all desire, although they have helped me earn enough for a decent Adsense payout once in a while.

To Earn More with Adsense Remember Three Simple Rules

It's really very easy to increase your Adsense earnings if you follow these Rules.

  • Rule # 1 - Traffic + Page Views = Adsense Earnings

It really does not get much simpler than this. The more people that visit your hubs the more money you will make from Adsense. It is all about the numbers and it works every time.

Let's say you have 10 people look at your hubs a day. If you can get 1% of your visitors to click on your ads consider yourself lucky. Let's say you earn an average of .50 cents per ad click. On HubPages this is may be even less as you are splitting your Adsense earnings. This means you will need to work doubly as hard to increase your traffic to get a one percent conversion rate.

Now imagine you have 10,000 people reading your hubs a day. Using the same 1% click through it would potentially increase your earnings to $50 dollars a day. See how important visitor traffic is to your earnings.

  • Rule # 2 - Google is the God of Traffic

If you forget this rule you will fail, end of story. Google is the largest search engine in the world and will send more traffic to your hubs than all other methods combined. Make them angry by using Black Hat schemes and you will see you traffic drop to next to nothing.

If you have you ever spent any time looking at Google Analytics, a free tool you can use from Google that let's you see who is linking to your site or hub. It's easy to notice a trend, traffic from Google will increase when traffic from other sources or referral sites increases. This is usually somewhere around a 3 to 1 ratio.

To increase traffic from Google you need links pointing back to your hub from many sources along with varied anchor text.

Forums, Comments, Other Websites and YouTube Videos are all great sources of backlinks, as is Facebook and Twitter. Remember the more traffic visiting your referring sites, the more traffic will read your hubs as they follow your links back. Remember Rule #1.

Rule # 3 - Your Content Has to be Fresh and Worth Linking To.

When you write, picture the Pope himself reading your Hub to the Masses on Easter Sunday. Your hub may be seen by many thousands of people. Be sure your hub is written well and worthy of that attention. If your hub contains useful information, people will want to share links to your hubs on their own. High ranking hubs or blog posts on Goggle tend to be 400 words or more. So don't write a few paragraphs and expect to reach number one in the search engines. It simply will not happen. Google also likes constant updates with fresh content. If one of your hubs is doing well with good search engine traffic and then you notice traffic start dropping off, it's time to add or modify your content.

Promote Your HubPages

There are many different ways to promote your hubs that will help generate traffic. Make a short video about your hub and put it on YouTube. The video above is an example of how I promoted a website. Always be sure to include a link to your site in the description to let viewers visit your hub.

I can't stress enough how important good backlinks are to promoting your hubs. Backlinks are the tools that Google search engine spiders follow back to your site and help increase your page ranking on Google when someone searches for a key word contained in your hub.

Think about he last time you searched for something on Google, did you go to page 376 to find what you were looking for or did you stop looking and find what you needed in the first few pages. This is why backlinks are so important. It makes Google think your hub must be important because so many websites are linking back to it.

Don't over do it though, vary your backlink text so it is not always the same and make it look natural. Try to find do follow backlink sites. No follow sites do not allow search engines to follow the links back to your sites. A few are still good because it makes your hub or site look more natural to search engines. Craigslist is an example of a nofollow backlink. Although I have received a ton of free traffic from Craigslist, so don't automatically rule out nofollow sites.

An Orchard of HubPages Adsense Money Trees

A well promoted high earning hub or blog post is like a lone tree in a orchard. It will produce some income, but it will not be enough to reach your goals which for many is financial independence and freedom from the daily grind. Like an orchard of trees, you must have many hubs that all bear fruit and before long you will start seeing Adsense earnings reach the level of your hopes and dreams. Don't give up, it takes time and always remember the only thing stopping you from achieving your HubPages Adsense earning goals is You.


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    • dgicre profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from USA

      Lately I have been experimenting with RSS feed widgets to add unique content teaser info to my blogs and websites. This has helped increase traffic and time on site which are both important to higher earnings online. Here are a collection of free RSS widgets along with code you can add to your sites:

    • mymusaic12 profile image


      8 years ago from canada

      Great information, yes hub pages are great to promote your website and get unique visitors.

    • bodylevive profile image


      8 years ago from Alabama, USA

      Thank you for the information, I need all the help I can get. One thing for sure, I'm not made from the material that gives up. I enjoy what I do but I would welcome more money (LOL)

    • Nesbyte profile image


      9 years ago from UK

      Brilliant hub. It's encouraged me not to give up on the idea of making money here.

    • DreamerMeg profile image


      9 years ago from Northern Ireland

      Wow! Thanks for that link to the videomaker - it looks very interesting. Must have a play with that when I have a bit of time.

    • dgicre profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from USA

      Thanks for all the great comments. You don't need a camera to make a promotional video. Here is a link where you can make your own animated video free. When it's done they will even upload it to your YouTube account.

      HubPages should not be your only Adsense tool. Use Hubpages to write quality hubs that rank well and offer visitors a link to your blog. Your blog should have useful content and try to keep your visitor bounce rate under 50%. I have found it easier to do this by splitting up long posts to more pages. This is better than having visitors scroll one long document. It keeps them on your site longer, lowers the bounce rate and subjects them to a larger variety of Adsense ads. This equates to higher earnings.

      The easiest and Free solution for starting out with a blog is Google blogspot. No investment needed and they offer some pretty good themes. In the end content is king and this is what will make the difference for your earnings. I know a few people that make quite a bit of money on a blogspot blog. Google will also quickly rank it high in the search engines as long as you keep adding great content.

      If you use Firefox, there is a great add-on called SEO Doctor, use the tips it gives you on your blogger posts and try to get as close to 100% for better search engine rankings as well. Good luck, don't give up and keep on writing.

    • DreamerMeg profile image


      9 years ago from Northern Ireland

      You don't have to shoot your own video, unless you want. You can link to relevant videos on Youtube, provided you credit the original creator. If your video includes stuff on how to do something on the computer, you can use a screen capture video, such as Camtasia (not free) or Jing (free). You can also use something like PowerPoint to create "slides" and then use software to link these into a "movie". Many modern phones include a video function. If yours doesn't, maybe you could borrow the use of one from a young relative?

    • Doodlehead profile image


      9 years ago from Northern California

      You said to make a short video for youtube. Can you say how much a functional, yet inexpensive video camera is for us "gray hairs" who don't know about this stuff?

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 

      9 years ago from Massachusetts

      Thanks for sharing this very useful and valuable information .

      Well done and vote up !!! SHARING !

    • snlee profile image


      9 years ago from Asia Pacific Regions

      Writing good contents and backlinks building for ranking really takes up a lot of time and patience. Sometimes I wonder whether it is really worth putting so much time and efforts for such meager earnings from Adsense and hubpages.

    • DreamerMeg profile image


      9 years ago from Northern Ireland

      Great information, well presented.

    • Amber522 profile image


      9 years ago

      Instead of working on backlinks as I go, I have decided to build up my hub library first. Once I reach 50 hubs, I am going to take a few weeks break from writing and spend time solely working on the promotion of my hubs and getting quality backlinks. This is a very helpful hub and it made me realize just how important backlinks are. Thank you and I will be sharing :)

    • dgicre profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from USA

      Thanks, for the comment and good luck with your earnings. I hope you and everyone else achieves their goals.

    • profile image

      Edwin Brown 

      9 years ago from Oregon, USA

      Very well done. This will inspire folks who haven't had much success with income from their hubs to get busy and do things right.

      It is possible, but takes motivation and work (I need to get busy myself!}

      Thanks for a good kick-in-the-butt hub.


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