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Who Is Anne Helmenstine?

Updated on December 31, 2010

Azareal aka Anne Helmenstine

Hi! I'm Anne Helmenstine, known to online readers as Anne, Dr. Helmenstine, or Azareal, depending on how you know me.

I wrote this bio to support my Squidoo lenses, but I'm finding it's a handy way to share photos and updates with friends and a one-stop spot for me to find my own online content.

Who Am I?

More about Anne Helmenstine

I'm a scientist, trained in interdisciplinary research. Biology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, programming, math... all that great stuff. I just call it 'science'. I don't consider myself specialized in any one scientific discipline.

I'm a professional writer. My main contract is with writing about chemistry. It's incredibly fun, plus they pay me.

I've had other jobs. I have additional interests. I had a successful company as a jewelry designer for a few years. I'm a college professor and research scientist, on-and-off. I compose music. I spend much of my free time in the ocean.

My YouTube Videos

More YouTube Videos

Here are some of my YouTube videos.

Anne's Favorite Dragon Image

Anne's Favorite Dragon Image
Anne's Favorite Dragon Image

Pawleys Island, SC - My Favorite Beach

Pawleys Island, SC - My Favorite Beach
Pawleys Island, SC - My Favorite Beach

Questions or comments about this lens or Dr. Helmenstine?

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    • profile image

      julieannbrady 8 years ago

      I'd love to hear more about writing for -- do they need more writers? Nice to meet you!