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Ad sense account config

The earnings page tells me that my AdSense account has been de-activated and this has now resulted in all the other accts to be inactive. On the GA side I find that the hubpages account points to my Pet Place Yamba website, which is wrong, I have tried everything and I cannot get rid of that url in the wrong place. I might add that the 'curve' for hubpages in GA has never been anything but a flat line. Google won't answer and Hubpages asks you several questions which in the end lead you to the Forum.


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Barack James says

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3 years ago
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    MarieLB 3 years ago

    Thanks Barack James for taking the time to respond. I really do not understand the setup process and I dare not delete certain items that may make things worse. I really need HubPages Admin to respond, but nothing so far. Thanks again