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First non-featured hub (after 37 featured hubs)—can anyone tell me why?

I'm 38 hubs in and I've just received my first non-featured hub due to quality. The hub was written with the same general quality I write here, and has even been given a HubScore higher than a few of my other hubs (all featured) but apparently this one didn't cut the mustard. If anyone more knowledgeable than I knows what I might have done wrong, please let me know. The hub can be found here; The only change is that I did have an Amazon capsule for a related book which I've removed in case it was considered "spammy".


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Wesman Todd Shaw says

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11 months ago
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    John Bullock (beagrie) 11 months ago

    Thanks for replying Wesman. The hub has been featured since I asked this question. It must have been the Amazon capsule. Do Hubpages ding your quality rating for common topics, though?

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