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Should the Commenting Accolade Rules be changed?

Many Hubbers have a red accolade on their profile designating them as a "level __ commenter." Your rank seems to increase as you leave engaging comments on other Hubs and respond to ones on your own. All well and dandy, except the rank lowers over time. I used to be a rank 5, and I've fallen to 2. I respond to almost every comment I receive, which makes me think that the rank is affected by the frequency of your responses. Comments fluctuate heavily and I hate to see my score decrease simply because no one's left a comment to respond to recently. Any thoughts?


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Best Answer Poppy (poppyr) says

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5 months ago
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    Jeremy Gill 5 months ago

    Thanks Poppy! I'm honestly not sure; I had thought it was influenced by both responding on your own Hubs and commenting on others. Either way, accolades are only accolades, and not something I'll lose sleep over.