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Two of the Best do follow social media networks that pays money (Redgage and Tumblr)

Updated on July 14, 2014

Building dofollow backlinks to your articles and web sites can help your website to rank better. However, there are only limited sites in the internet that offer free and easy dofollow backlinks. Most of the popular social media and article directories offer nofollow back links.

What is dofollow and nofollow?

When a website links to some other site, it allows the search engine bots to travel through that link. This will help the linked websites to rank better. However, linking to bad websites or websites that follow blackhat SEO methods will decrease the pagerank of the linking (source) website. Therefore most of the social websites and public websites that allow people to post links, add a “nofollow” attribute to their links. When this happens, search engine bots will not travel through that link and the linked website will not benefit from the search engine rankings. In addition, linking to a site that does illegal marketing tactics could hurt the site that link to such sites. It is called preservation of link juice. Therefore in the internet, public dofollow websites and social media sites are pretty rare.

What are the social media networks that allow dofollow links and earn money?

1. Tumblr (PR5): -

Tumblr allows dofollow links. It is a blogging platform with cool customization options. In addition, it allows you to post status updates, photos and videos. Tumblr also allows you to select different types of themes for you. Another nice feature in tumblr is the ability to edit the themes.

By way of editing themes, you can add your adsense code to tumblr and earn 100% from the clicks you are getting. This blog site explains how to add your adsense account to the tumblr blog.

It is a cool feature, because if you are using socialoomph (Socialoomph can automatically send social updates to twitter and But the pro version costs around 30$ per month) then you can automate your posting to tumblr, getting thousands of dofollow backlinks.

In addition, tumblr accepts hash tags used by twitter (#) . Therefore by putting hash tags, you can categorize or add tags to your posts automatically (it is important, because other non following people can find your posts only through categories) . Since both twitter and tumblr allows same # tags you can post same categories to the twitter and tumblr via socialoomph in your status updates.

In addition, tumblr allows you to queue blog posts. You can create several blog posts at once at queue them, so they get posted in predefined time without a need of any third party tool like socialoomph.

How to make money from redgage

2. Redgage (PR3)

This is a rather unusual social network, which allows you to post dofollow backlinks and at the same time earn money from your social activity. It allows you to post blogs, links, photos and videos. In addition, you can use it as a social tool, where you can communicate with others.

But the cool thing with redgage is that it allows you to earn money from the links, photos, blogs and videos you post. It gives around 0.6/1000 impressions. However, you can only get the money through their debit card and they send it to you once you have reached 25$ mark. After that you can refill your debit card once you accumulate 25$ in your account. Another funny thing about this site is it allows other to see your earnings. However, this site does contain some bugs and it is not user friendly as Facebook. But you can earn money and get dofollow backlinks.

Unlike tumblr, Redgage does not allow you to post automatic links. It doesn't seem to have an API where other websites could connect.


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    • Gina145 profile image

      Gina145 2 years ago from South Africa

      I've been a member of RedGage for a long time and have never really found it worked for me, either for generating traffic or earning money. I might have to give Tumblr a try.

    • cmoneyspinner1tf profile image

      Treathyl FOX 2 years ago from Austin, Texas

      This is a really good HUB. I use Tumblr and Redgage. Your information and advice are on point. I know they say these sites are for socializing. But my experience has been using both platforms for sharing, not socializing. Not that many people talk back to me! Both of the site are used for backlinking.

      True you can place Google Ads on Tumblr.

      True RedGage shows money earned. I didn't know it was a $25 cutoff. Know it now! Thx.

      When I first tried RedGage the feed feature wasn't working. But last time I re-created my account and used the feature it worked like a charm. So pretty much that network is on auto-pilot. Which is good because the Tumblr requires more manual intervention. Voted Up!

    • The-BestMouseTrap profile image

      The-BestMouseTrap 5 years ago from The heartland, USA

      Thanks for sharing RedGage is a little buggy, I thought it was me and it was driving me batty. Voted up and useful.

    • profile image

      Eleasha2011 6 years ago

      Thank you for this article. I have been wondering what the difference between "no-follow" and "do-follow" ads. I also have wondered about other social networks that allow adsense. You did a great job explaining everything. Thank you:)