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Bryce Collins Lensography

Updated on May 31, 2013

Bryce Collins...

Is a freshman in college! no more just graduated

Is active in athletics such as track, and soccer.

Is a fan of business clubs such as DECA and FBLA.

Loves theater and music.

Is currently taking communications, accounting, biology and other fun/challenging classes.

Is a Kid at Heart.

You and SquidU

My Lens all About SquidU

Want to find out more about SquidU? Did you know there were three parts to it? (The Forum, the Blog, and the Answer Deck.) If you want to find out more about this amazing Squidoo-Resource, you have to visit this lens. There are links from it, to other lenses of mine, that will help break the forum down even farther. I hope you enjoy it! I also have tons of other squidoo tips lenses.

You and SquidU

also check out my Tricks of Trade lens as well for some great squidoo secrets

When I Grow Up?

Ummmm....I don't that that has happened yet. Most would a agree because I am still a teenager, but if you meet someone who knows me they would say I'm still a little kid on too much sugar. I still love watching cartoons with my little brother, and no offense to today's cartoons, but the old Power Rangers, Digimon, Dragonball Z, and Pokemon were the best. I still play video games when I get the chance. Even though I have tons of kid like qualities though, I know when to shut up and be professional. When will I grow up? Who knows, I like the way I am. Learn more about my inner kid my looking at my inner kid lenses and youtube star lenses.

Squid Plus Level Guide

A Guide to Leveling Up

Do you wonder what "prize" will come with the next level? Has it been a while since you received one? If you want to see when the next award is coming, and what it is, this is the lens for you!

Squid Plus Level Guide

The Boring Facts of Me

I am a very busy high school senior as I have mentioned before, and am active in athletics such as track, and soccer. I'm a big Fan of business, and I'm in clubs such as DECA and FBLA (and I started the Jedi Order as a club). I am considering going into business as a career. I absolutely love the arts and theater, and I enjoy not only acting, but watching and reading play writes. I am also an honors student I am currently taking AP Lit, AP Psychology, Debate and other fun and challenging classes. I have noticed that most of the Squidoo Community is older, and some of you might be wondering how I came across Squidoo. This summer I worked as an SEO Marketer and really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Due to my hectic schedule during school I needed to quit and decided i would try making money on Squidoo. I also really like the Squidoo community and how there is so much to learn and have so much potential. I am currently working on my own business and trying to incorporate it into my business.

Jump Back to your inner Kid

Be your inner Kid again or buy stuff for you kids scroll down the bottom and buy some of my favorite things as a kid

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

A "Legend of Zelda" Game Lens

Who doesn't love the Legend of Zelda Games? Who's everyone's favorite green-garbed hero? What could be better than The legend of Zelda? Could it be called the Greatest Game Ever? I think so.

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Jango Fett

A "Star Wars" Character Bio

Part bounty hunter, part father, part Mandalorian Cadet, total awesomeness! While many know more about his son, Boba, there's no doubt that Jango is one cool character. Read up more about the owner of the Slave starship and part-time armored gunslinger.

Jango Fett

Digimon Digital Monsters

A Lens about Digimon

Digimon comes from the words "Digital Monsters" and is one cool show! Many people think that it's a knock-off copy of another show, Pokémon, but Digimon was thought of first. (The television series was just put on the air second.) It's a great show, you should really check out this lens about it.

Digimon Digital Monsters

Ebook Conversion sites

Here are a bunch of sites to help you with eBook Conversions, Distribution, promotion, and even making a book app.

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    • profile image

      antoniow 5 years ago

      Very nice article, nicely done! SQuidlike

    • natashaely profile image

      natashaely 7 years ago

      I am not that much older, only 32, twice your age? Ghat does make me feel old! Think the lens is great and te boring bits are never boring!! Or at least not on here :)

    • brycecollins lm profile image

      brycecollins lm 7 years ago

      @Addy Bell: Thanks, It's a plane breaking the sound barrier. :)

    • Addy Bell profile image

      Addy Bell 7 years ago

      Also wanted to say that your profile pic is *awesome*.

    • Addy Bell profile image

      Addy Bell 7 years ago

      I remember being a busy senior taking college-level courses. As someone who's not business-minded, I really admire the quality in others, especially younger folks.

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 7 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      It is so great to see young folks enjoying Squidoo!

    • Wbisbill LM profile image

      Barbara Isbill 7 years ago from New Market Tn 37820

      Good to meet you! Thumbs up from a fan!

    • brycecollins lm profile image

      brycecollins lm 7 years ago

      Thank You it's nice to be here on Squidoo

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Nice to get to know a little about you. Saw your post in SquidU. :)