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Who is Deborah Bryan

Updated on September 24, 2014

Life is a Spiritual Journey

Image License: CC0 Public Domain
Image License: CC0 Public Domain | Source

Who is GypsyOwl - Who is Deborah Bryan

I am Deb Bryan, aka Mom, Grandma and online... "GypsyOwl."

I am an artist, writer,and online business coach, I enjoy creating tutorials to guide clients through the navigation of everything from online business to prayer.

My passion is helping people.

I have been using GIMP since 2005 for all of my artwork, photography and web graphics. My article topics are varied and include:GIMP Tutorials, Consumer Reviews,Motivation-Inspiration, and of course anything having to do with visual art, crafts, cooking, and simple joys in life.

I write about senior living as I am discovering amazing things to implement into my own life. My 'life situation' as Eckhart Tolle once put it, has been problematic. My life, on the other hand, has been a journey I would never trade for anything.

It is rarely easy to see clearly while I am in the midst of a challenge, however, I can hold onto the experiences I have had again and again, when after the trail has ended I will discover something to be grateful about.

While Others Were On The Beach...

Image License: CC0 Public Domain
Image License: CC0 Public Domain | Source

Summer of 2014

In the summer of 2014 the Squidoo organization sold to Hubpages. I (and countless other writers) were given short notice to make a decision about content we had created. I hadn't heard much about Hubpages, but, I had little time to check into the alternatives.

I felt a warm welcome on Hubpages when I landed. I began to explore the platform and to create a few pages while I waited for the real work to begin as soon as the pages were transferred to me.

I am glad I made this decision and have been steadily learning more about Hubpages.

This page is about me. About the pages I have created and, in a sense, it is a Hub listing. While during my time on Squidoo this kind of page was not only recommended it was often required to qualify for accolades as they are called here on Hubpages. Over the years I had created two or three of this kind of page with a bit different focus to qualify for the challenges and badges being offered.

I am delighted to update this page so it will fit well here in its new location. I hope each of us, Hub natives as well as Squidoo refugees continue to do what we love and blend our communities to strengthen us all.

Once Upon A Time On An Ancient Computer...

Image License: CC0 Public Domain
Image License: CC0 Public Domain | Source

Beginning Online

GypsyOwl Beginnings!

I began my online journey in 1997... I have studied and worked hard to find the best resources for

the online business owner. Along the way, as people would approach me to ask for help with graphics, Squidoo,Twitter backgrounds, eBook Covers, Website Header Banners, and How to Use GIMP, I discovered my love for teaching could be translated into helping people with online tasks.

I especially love to make tutorials and to watch others pick up the tools and watch their own development.

When I started a Guide to Squidoo email support group (tips about Squidoo), which has grown into my delightful network of virtual assistants, I had no idea the process would one day be my career.

I currently am a virtual assistant with Web Editing Services and I facilitate private local coaching sessions, as well as groups, primarily with women in transitional situations.

Squidoo Contributor 2007-2014

In the beginning... I received an invitation to join Squidoo and when I checked it out the first time I quickly concluded it was 'just another blog' and I didn't need another blog. But, later I realized it is so much more that that. Over the years I have discovered so much, learned a lot, met (in real life and online) people who are in the Squidoo community. Squidoo has become a place to work, play, explore, learn, get to know amazing people, and to enhance my life beyond words. It is a place to share personal experiences, suggestions, ideas, and to learn from others along the way.

The full description of what Squidoo is took me awhile to put together. To begin the pages we created were called lenses.

Even then my pages varied in topic as much as my life varies. We would often say to each other "Have fun, learn much, get to know others. It is a fabulous adventure."

I enjoy writing and the journey on Squidoo has made it possible for me to write as well as make money for myself and for my favorite charities. Back in 2007 if you would have asked me where I would be today I wouldn't have had an answer anything close to the events over the past few years.

For those of us who are unable to work away from home this is one of the easiest 'jobs' to begin. You will want to work hard, learn much, follow the updates (just as you would working for anyone else) to ensure you are always on the cutting edge of the new and improved online presence.

As time rolled by and Squidoo came to its end we "30,000" of us with "400,000" pages migrated to Hubpages. (numbers are from a forum post on Hubpages about the Squidoo transfers)

Going Back In Time

Image License: CC0 Public Domain
Image License: CC0 Public Domain | Source

Background - Past Experience

As We Evolve So Do Our Tools and Focus

My volunteer activities have included:Lens Sightings(a lens showcase community), and Squidoo Marketing (a community of Lensmasters sharing marketing tips). I worked as a site manager (VA Coach - Client Services) for Guide To Squidoo, (Lens Builder VA) and Client Support for Best Handmade Gifts (crafter's shopping cart services).

I was the owner of MyEBookVA and helped authors move their manuscripts to sales. It is delightful to be using all of those experiences to now publish my own tutorial series.

My college studies major in "Business Communications" and "e Commerce Marketing" with a in-depth focus on Social Media Culture Protocol for Business research.

  • My past work is primarily in The Mental Health related field. I worked as a para-professional Therapist Technician Team Leader in a Residential Crisis Stabilization Unit. Funding changes in the industry left me and most of the para-professional direct care providers without jobs.
  • I have spent my working life in fields that allowed me to learn a lot about a variety of topics.
  • I have been a house manager in a domestic violence shelter, a second hand shop manager (for charity services that provided shelter to the homeless), and a variety of experiences both for pay and volunteer.
  • I have worked with children and adults in a variety of settings (educational, recreational, health & wellness, and spiritual growth).
  • I mentor women in various transitional living communities. This volunteer activity has been extraordinarily rewarding for me.
  • I believe that one of the most interesting things I have discovered about me is that I have found myself being a volunteer liaison in every job or volunteer position I have been in throughout my life.
  • I enjoy helping people to find ways to live the life they want (primarily from a spiritual point of view). And I feel I have been helpful when people are able to communicate with each other. The confusing part is I am not usually able to provide myself with insight about my own life situations, so, I am willing and humble to ask others for their perspective along the way.

We each have a journey to walk. We can help each other along the way.

What began as a Book Review evolved into a lesson for parenting --
What began as a Book Review evolved into a lesson for parenting -- | Source

I Hope They Dance: Children And The Humanities

News About Deborah Bryan

On June 17, 2014 I earned the Lens of the Day award for

I Hope They Dance: Children And The Humanities. And the page has been featured on Best of Kids!

Home Based Service

Over the years I have explored several artistic and creative avenues as a means of supporting myself. As I explored I have had a great time. When the process started to narrow, and my focus became specialized, I realized the one thing I enjoy most often is writing. My enjoyment of this task opened opportunities to write for others.

I have been a virtual assistant, ghostwriter/copywriter for many years now.

In addition to my client's work I like to make sure I balance with a few pages to add to my collection. Partly so I can pick the topics myself and partly to fill in the financial gap between projects.

What I Believe...

  • Remember...You Can Contribute To A Better World!
  • One way you can contribute to a better world is to support those who are dedicated to doing that. Give them a cheer and let them know that what they are doing is important to you.
  • Another way is to speak out and speak your truth. Share your story, your knowledge, and promote the things that are important to you.

I Believe

  • Support in life seems to come from so many different areas of interest. People who have similar ideas, talents, professions, families, backgrounds, experiences, challenges and other points of commonality find enrichment in their lives by connecting with one another.

I Evolve

  • Perhaps I am evolving through this kind of work because I find such satisfaction in watching people have those "I am not alone in this" moments.

No matter what the challenges in life, there are people who are going through, or have gone through similar things, and connecting them can manifest great

Leave me a message here.

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  • Linda BookLady profile image

    Linda Jo Martin 

    5 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

    Hi there! I enjoyed learning a little more about you!

  • geosum profile image


    5 years ago

    Good reading about you. Gimp sounds like something to look into further.

  • GypsyOwl profile imageAUTHOR

    Deb Bryan 

    6 years ago from Chico California

    @ZenandChic: Thank you, Patricia! Very kind of you. ⥠You also add a lot to the Squidoo Community (((Hugs)))!!

  • GypsyOwl profile imageAUTHOR

    Deb Bryan 

    6 years ago from Chico California

    @anonymous: Thank you, Margaret! :-)

  • GypsyOwl profile imageAUTHOR

    Deb Bryan 

    6 years ago from Chico California

    @Coreena Jolene: Thanks! I am glad they have been helpful. Welcome to Squidoo â¥

  • GypsyOwl profile imageAUTHOR

    Deb Bryan 

    6 years ago from Chico California

    @Joan4: Thank you, Joan! I am thankful to call you friend as well! â¥

  • GypsyOwl profile imageAUTHOR

    Deb Bryan 

    6 years ago from Chico California

    @Showpup LM: Thank you, Janet! I hope you enjoy the GIMP tutorials. Let me know if you have any requests for the next few tutorial topics.

  • Showpup LM profile image

    Showpup LM 

    6 years ago

    Enjoyed getting to know you better via this lens. Now I'm off to read some GIMP lenses... :)

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    wow! your accomplishments are so impressive, Deb!! And your kindness is spread all over the net! I am thankful to call you my friend indeed!

  • Coreena Jolene profile image

    Coreena Jolene 

    6 years ago

    You have been very helpful to this newbie and I enjoy reading your lenses.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Loved reading about you, Deb! :) You have a very nice selection of lenses here!

  • ZenandChic profile image


    6 years ago

    Lovely lens on you! You add alot the Squidoo community!


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