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eBay Black Friday Shopping

Updated on November 19, 2009

Where will you be shopping?


With Black Friday right around the corner many are gathering their lists of certain items to look for when the doors open at the local stores and malls but have you thought about the deals that are going on online? Websites have already started posting sales papers and adds for the many deals they will be offering, I am definitely going to be shopping online, staying warm and enjoying the deals of Black Friday right from my own home with one major deal already that’s a real gas saver. While I will check out other deals at major online stores to start my holiday shopping early I am also going to check out one of my favorite places to shop online, that’s right eBay.

It’s hard for the local stores and malls to compete when everyone offers the same deal and if a different deal is found elsewhere a customer may be too exhausted to travel the distance. This Black Friday many people will just turn to online shopping to avoid the crowds and the lines. At eBay you always find the better deals and Black Friday will offer better deals from the eBay sellers to their customers in fact one of my favorite eBay stores will be offering thirty seven inch LCD Televisions for only one hundred seventy nine dollars and Dell Desktop computers for two hundred dollars but there will be a limited stock of them and they’re on the top of my list for Christmas. While I’d like to tell you all the secrets I know of eBay’s black Friday upcoming sales I have to keep it to myself so that I don’t get left out in the cold on the savings this time but if you’re an eBay regular you probably have received inside information as well from the sellers in your favorite’s lists.

Like any other store you must be very careful when it comes to shopping online because even at more popular websites like eBay you run the risk of being scammed. Among the things to look out for are sellers that ask you to complete transactions offline, eBay sellers who are hesitant to answer specific questions in regards to products, eBay sellers who use merchant accounts other than PayPal to accept payments because this has happened to me more than once where I used my credit card to pay for a purchase but was charged twice via the merchant processor of the seller, both times I received the refunds but it took longer to receive my item and the refunds took almost two weeks for the hold to be released on my funds.

So while you’re getting up before the sun comes up to be one of the first in line at some store I will be getting up to a hot cup of coffee along with breakfast and my computer bidding on eBay as well as browsing the buy it now eBay auctions and letting you all know what deals I was able to find and that you missed out on.  Let’s all enjoy black Friday shopping once again.


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