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Five Polls About Your Hubpages Experience

Updated on January 26, 2015

Taking polls, and using them to build great Hubs

Ever browse through various articles here on Hubpages, and you come across one that contains a poll, and you find yourself getting a little excited? The purpose of this Hub is to explore how to integrate polls easily and then surround them with great content, hopefully by example! I hope you enjoy the quick journey of discovery, along with a quick peek into the psychology of why polls work.

Take note as you're going along through the module of what makes you want to keep scrolling, and whether it's fun to break and answer the polls themselves. You may be able to apply this to a Hub of your own soon, or you might just kill a few minutes. Either way, you win!


How many polls have you done on Hubpages?

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All images creative commons
All images creative commons

What makes people want to vote?

It could be the simple idea that you want to see what everyone else thinks about a particular issue, or maybe it's the fact that your vote might one day be used to influence the path of future content from a particular author (or, in a much more general context, might affect a decision that will be made). It might just be that voting is just plain fun. Sound corny? Well, this is in place for a good reason: Hubpages members are real browsers of the web, too, and our participation in one another's Hubs can actually make a positive impact for the site overall, which is a good thing for everyone!

Spacing of polls

Should there be space in between polls?

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Vote here!

How long have you been using Hubpages?

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Compulsion to answer

Do you feel like you really ought to complete all five of these polls?

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Your Hubs

How many Hubs have you built on Hubpages?

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Polls are extremely useful for page engagement. Since you made it through to the bottom, here's a bonus poll!


Have you visited my other Hubs yet?

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Was this fun?

Was this any fun? There once was a website called Squidoo, and this Hub was once a "Lens" over there, and it was reasonably popular and well liked. However, I'd love to hear from you: did you enjoy scrolling through and taking the polls? Were the videos and images fun to break up the monotony, or do you have some other piece of feedback I haven't thought about? I'd love to hear from you, so please do let me know!

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