Need some advice on improvement.

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    missa72542posted 5 years ago

    I know I am not the best. And I've very nervous about putting my hubs up for you guys to see and tell me what I'm doing wrong but here you go:

    This is one that is pretty popular, If I can make it even better that would be nice: … t-Your-Cat

    And this is one that I don't get as much traffic to, and I know there are things that I could change about it. So, I ask you guys what should I do with this one?: … ove-Online

    If you can take a look at some of my other hubs too, that would be great. I need all the help I can get since I am a newbie here smile

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    agilitymachposted 5 years ago

    Your hub on cat facts was very interesting.  I thought it was pretty well-written, and I enjoyed reading it.  I read it through without getting bored.

    My comments would be to re-read it for grammatical errors.  There are a few.  Also, the layout has all of the cat pics on the right and the text on the left.  This vertical lay out gets a bit dull.  I think you'll want to have some vertical and horizontal elements in your hubs.

    Also in the lay-out area, there were "breaks" or spaces between text where your pictures kept the text from moving smoothly into the next capsule.  I'd fix this as it become a bit annoying when reading.

    As you have "14" facts, you might want to number your facts.  Not a big deal, but it adds to the "14 Fun Facts" concept.

    Another thing, you might want to leave research notes about where you got your information. Sometime knowledge like that is just stored in our heads if we are experts on a subject, but if you did research for the article, than the sources should be mentioned.

    Overall - very good!!

    As for the "on-line" dating hub, it has several issues.  As far as the title, I immediately think it's a hub about true "on-line" dating services.  The writing has quite a lot of grammatical errors. 

    The reason it's not getting read a lot is lack of good keywords, a sort of misleading title, and it's not an informational hub.  Instead it's a personal hub.  I have several hubs that are "columns" from when I was a newspaper columnist.  These columns were very popular when I wrote for the newspaper, but they don't get a lot of views on-line.  I never expected they would because not many people are going to do a Google search for something like "Secrets in a Small Town."  While I think it's a humorous column people would enjoy reading, there's no way they will Google it or find it in the mass of webpages out there. I don't want to rewrite it for keywords as that will destroy the creativity of the column.

    Your hub on cats has keywords and specific information people would Google.  Your other hub has neither, so won't get the "love." You could fix your other hub by focusing on keywords having to do with WoW or even dating on WoW or other on-line games.  You could also decide you like the hub as it is - a personal reflection of a time in your life - and leave it alone.

    But you've got skills, so don't quit writing.  Just continue to learn about all aspects of writing.  Also, consider taking some college writing courses.  These will really help you "spiff up" your writing style.  smile

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      missa72542posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you smile I'm not very good at proof-reading because I sort of get side tracked in my mind but I need to set a couple hours aside and look over all of my hubs and spice them up.

      Thanks again for the advice and I'll fix them soon smile