Views on unpublished hubs and why does my score keep changing?

  1. Alexia Cournoyer profile image74
    Alexia Cournoyerposted 9 years ago

    Hi everyone and Happy New Year! 

    I'm a serious newbie here and I have a couple of questions that I can't seem to find the answers for.. sad

    I've started a couple of draft hubs and somehow they have page views!!  How is this?  In theory only I should be able to see them..  I thought I found a page that explained it when i first signed up, but I can't find it now and can't remember what it said.

    and my score for those drafts keeps moving up and down.  Is this because it thinks I'm waffling or is the scoring mechanism penalising me for not just typing it out and publishing it straight away?

    If any of you have time to have a look at my hubs and fancy giving me feedback I'd appreciate it..  and I still have heaps of questions about laying out the hub and all that but I think I'll just take one small step at a time..

    Thanks smile

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    Inspirepubposted 9 years ago


    When you view yourown Hubs, that counts as a view.

    Scores are recalculated every 10 minutes, and it is normal for them to vary by up to 10 points. Don't sweat your scores - they have no impact on your earnings or readership. Just focus on writing and promoting.

    HubPages is a very good training ground for those of us who are anxious about being assessed, judged, and scored - those who want to get things right.

    There is NOTHING you can do  by working on the Hub itself to get your score for a particular Hub up over about 65 - that last 35% is based on your accumulated personal Hubber score, the external traffic that comes to your Hub, numbers of comments on the Hub, the level of the Dow Jones index, your mother's maiden name, and the whims of assorted deities.

    Therefore, all you can do is write a good Hub, publicise it, and move on.

    Very liberating for those whose parents greeted "I came second in the Maths test!" with "Who came first, and why wasn't it you?"

    In this case, there is just no way to "come first" consistently - so there's no point in trying. The scores float around over a wide range, adn change every few minutes.

    Therefore, you can relax.

    Ignore the score and write more Hubs - the score will take care of itself over time.

    Good luck!


    1. Alexia Cournoyer profile image74
      Alexia Cournoyerposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Jenny,

      Thanks for the info - the views thing makes sense now.

      I'm only tinkering with the hubs I'm writing because I decided I wanted to get back into writing tutorials and I've been writing full on technical stuff for so long I'm rusty at that writing style..  so I'm tinkering as I try to find the balance between too much and too little information..  which is how I noticed both the views and the score changing.

      I still don't understand how something can be given a score if it's not published, since most of the scoring seems to come from outside activity and I was hoping that it draft scores were something to do with readability.

      that's just me, I spend far too much time trying to find out how things work by playing with them...  I probably just need to get out more smile