The Google "Penguin" Thing? Does sharing my own hubs hurt or help me?

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    Tina Trueloveposted 5 years ago

    Everywhere I look for advice about becoming successful on Hubpages and similar sites, I always read that we should be sharing our work on social sites and other websites. Each "share" sort of works as a "vote" for that hub or page, causing it to rank higher with Google search engines. So, I have been working hard to share all of my hubs on Google +, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, RedGage, Pinterest, and my personal blog. Then, I recently read that Google has discovered this practice and now ranks pages lower if it discovers that one person is sharing his or her own work. I think it is referred to as "Penguin."  So, will sharing my own hubs on all those social networks help my traffic increase or will it hurt my Google rankings?  Someone please explain.  I am working hard, but I have much to learn.