If ya'll aren't too mad at me I need your help.

  1. Steve West profile image81
    Steve Westposted 5 years ago

    I would like to put together a video montage hub for our service-people both active and those we have lost. It is for this upcoming Veteran's Day (US) on November 11th and this holiday season. I will set the montage to our national anthem hopefully performed by my pianist friend Rich. I would like to capture all parts of the country. This is what I need from you:

    1) A 3 second clip of a "hello" or "I love you" or a wave or a blown kiss, whatever, nothing inappropriate please. 3 seconds doesn't sound like much however you'll be surprised what you can say or read. You can also send a photograph, again only 1 please.

    2) Only one per e-mail address please to stevenegloff@yahoo.com I will fit as many as I can. No copyrighted material please.

    3) Please send in .MOV format as an attachment. Pictures as a .jpg

    4) I need your video or picture by October 29, 2012 to give me sufficient time to put it together.

    I will write a short piece or poem, or select several links to other Hubber's hubs in regard to our Veterans. Please feel free to recommend one of your favorites for me to link to.

    This is something I would like to do to give back, both to the hub community and our service men and women. Thanking you in advance, Steve.