Finding your life's calling. Accepting fears and administering love.

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    Gruhns Grottoposted 5 years ago

    Fear and love-- The two most powerful emotions any human being can exhibit. They can make you, break you, cause you to do certain things, and probably has the largest impact on your life. Let's talk about fear first.

    Lennon famously quoted that fear and love are the two most motivating forces in the universe. Fear is what stops us from experiencing the world and all its virtues. Why don't we like public speaking? Because fear prevents us. Even though we know we're physically safe from harm, something inside tells us to be afraid. Why didn't I ask out that really pretty girl? Because fear led me astray. Now you may be thinking, " How could you possibly live with absolutely zero fear?" That's the incorrect way to approach issues concerning fear. Everyone feels fear. Even the bravest Green Beret soldiers feel fear. To counter your fear, you must have courage. Courage is the act of being brave in the face of fear/danger. If you can learn to be courageous and defeat your fears, life will fully open up to you in a myriad of ways.

    How often do you hear people say they hate their job? Many hard working people truly hate their job. That can present a very stressful life and in many cases lead to clinical depression. However, stress, depression, and gray hairs lie not with people who LOVE their job. If you love your job, then working hard, innovating, and dedication comes naturally to your work because of the love you have. Loving your work, whatever it may be, will naturally make you more successful because nothing is going to stand in the way of your love towards your work. The only way to find what you truly love is to get out and try new things. Don't be fearful of things you've never tried! Who knows, maybe the thing you're most fearful of may end up being the thing you love the most.

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      You should turn this into a hub.