Quiz Capsule is not working

  1. jantamaya profile image73
    jantamayaposted 5 years ago

    This is my post I've written four weeks ago:
    This is frustrating.
    I'm using Win 7, Firefox, newest adobe flash player, option 2 in the quiz capsule.
    Four questions, with four different answer choices, every one is defined +5, +4, +3, +1.
    Quiz instructions edited and defined too.
    No result, saved quiz is blank.
    Hitting edit button of the "saved" quiz capsule, questions are vanished and quiz instructions are not possible to change, edit button is vanished. There is instead an information, "Instructions undefined." This is untrue, instructions were defined.

    I've done it in different variations for four hours today. Time is money, I think!

    Why you don't delete the quiz capsule completely, so that we don't have a choice to use them, because now we have a choice to use, but they aren't working!"

    Next day the quiz capsules were working like crazy! The best capsules of all.

    Can't explain, but quiz capsules are absolutely well working now.

    Four weeks later I'm working on a new hub with a quiz capsule... It is not working!!!! Not on IE, not on GoogleChrome, not on Firefox.

    Can somebody explain the secret life of quiz capsules on HubPages???

    They tend not to work at all... next day though, building of a new quiz is working like nothing had happened before!!! However, complaining on forum seems to help... even when nobody is answering!

    Is it logical? No, not at all.

    So, after I've complained here again, I'm expecting that my quiz capsules would miraculously work well tomorrow!

  2. jantamaya profile image73
    jantamayaposted 5 years ago

    The day after my last post, as predicted, the quiz capsule is working well as nothing has happened before. Thank you very much.