Apology to my readers

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    Stevennix2001posted 4 years ago

    As some of my readers know, I came back earlier last year to start writing hubs again, and I did promise that I'd not only do all the hubs I needed for the Oscars, but I also said I'd be working on the Razzie predictions as well.

    Sadly, due to a heavy work schedule, and my girlfriend's health issues, I haven't found any time to review and watch any of the movies up for razzies; let alone come up with any kind of prediction for them.  Therefore, it's doubtful I'll be able to come up with a Razzie prediction hub before the Razzies even start, so I figured I'd let you readers know now, as I'm a bit of a realist when it comes to these things.  Sure, I could be like other writers on hubpages, and just come up with a prediction without actually seeing all the movies nominated in the categories I'm predicting.  However, as most of  my readers know, I don't see that as being fair, so I'm afraid I won't be doing any Razzie Award predictions this year. 

    However, I will still try to review most of the films that are up for Razzies, in addition to trying to keep up with the current films coming out.  Although some of you might be asking, "What the point of reviewing the movies up for Razzies if your not even going to do a prediction hub on it anyway?"  That's a good point, but the reality is that I didn't see enough films last year to compile a top ten worst movies of 2012 list,  so  that's pretty much the reason why. 

    Anyways, I'll try to come up with my top ten best and worst films of 2012 hubs by the end of march by the very latest.  If not, then sooner.  Having said all that, I do appreciate you all following me, and I apologize again for failing to make my deadlines again, but I do appreciate you all being very patient with me on this. 

    Edit:  Again, I do apologize severely to all my readers about this, and hope you all will understand.