Anti-Prom Ideas?

  1. MasonZgoda profile image80
    MasonZgodaposted 4 years ago

    My best friend is a senior this year and she doesn't want to go to prom. So, I suggested we have an anti-prom. We go to goodwill or a consignment shop, get some prom dresses, make them look as cool as possible, and then run around town in them doing things way more awesome than going to prom, all the while documenting it in pictures to send her off to college with. Problem is, what awesome things can we do? Live music, going to a drive in movie, etc are all things I've thought about and those are pretty cool, but I want to throw in some legitimately awesome, crazy things in there that will make all those prom goers jealous of our awesome time. Creative things that you would find on a wacky scavenger hunt. I know the people on hubpages are pretty creative. Any suggestions?