Gripe Friday (05/24/2013)

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    mike102771posted 4 years ago
    This is a forum I will try and post every Friday to allow people to vent without being booted off other forums for being off topic because here there is no topic. I am posting it in social issues because it gets a lot of traffic and may offer a release valve for the angry, so enjoy.

    The radio network WNIR (100.1) in Kent, Ohio during the John “Couchburner” Denning show from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM (EST) has what they call gripe Friday. The idea is that anyone can call and complain on the air. I think this would be a good idea here for everyone to gripe about what is bothering them (without starting a new forum). Please complain away.

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      mike102771posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I must have applied to at least 20 different jobs in the past 3 weeks. Online applications are time-consuming and after hours of applications you never hear back or are provided away to follow-up. I went to a couple of interviews where they said they wanted to see me because of my resume then when I get there they say they don't have a copy of it or know what it says.hmm I understand now that employers have a choice they can be selective about who they hire, but it's just rude to put you through a long process and never contact you. mad

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    lorlie6posted 4 years ago

    I'm in, mike.  I've been struggling with this for weeks now, and I thank you for starting this thread!
    Almost 3 years ago my son and his fiancee gave birth to my only grandson, Alex.  For the first 2 years-or so-I was his full-time caretaker since his mom worked nights and his dad, days.  He was my full-time and beautiful charge.
    Needless to say, I began to feel Alex was also my own.  (Actually I should've been saying, 'OUR' own, since I should mention my hubby who helped after work-absolutely adores the little guy!)  smile
    Now on to my Gripe...
    My husband and I wholly understand the naturality of a new family moving on as a unit.  That's the way it's supposed to be, no?  But from Alex's birth on, they lived not 2 miles from our home, and within the last months, moved into our home.
    Now they've moved to San Diego-350 miles away.
    Damn, I feel I've lost my child.  My hubby is perhaps less emotional since he didn't spend as much time with Alex as I, but I know he's hurting, too.
    The house is now clean, but oh, so empty.
    Thanks for this opportunity, mike!