Did you know Rolly Chabot just published his first (paper) book?

  1. Mekenzie profile image82
    Mekenzieposted 4 years ago

    Rolly represents and models the purest and the best when it comes to expressions of the heart on hubpages. He touches many people with his gifted writing and his heart full of compassion.

    His book is up on amazon.com and you can search for it under his authors name, Rolly A. Chabot.  Here is a peek at the first in his series called Arctic Island: "The success filled world of Todd Morris was fast paced and dynamic. A successful owner of a private airline who catered to the oil rich clients. He had it all nothing was missing. His world imploded into nothing after his own foolish choices. He watched it all sift through his fingertips as he crumbled to his own demise. The failing economy and his own bad habits found him with nothing having lost all which was important to him. This is a three novel series. Follow Todd and the many people who spoke into his broken life and his rise again to becoming a new man."   

    Proud of Rolly and in this, his latest, accomplishment.