Should I start building backlinks?

  1. AmbitiousMarketer profile image60
    AmbitiousMarketerposted 4 years ago

    Im still fairly new to hubpages and I would like to build backlinks to one particular hub to increase its chances of getting in the search engines for a phrase. I have a worry with building backlinks because hubpages is something like pr8 and ill be backlinking from blogs between pr0-4. Will this method be an exception because of the nature of the website or does hubpages in googles eyes treated as equal in as other websites.

    Has anyone here seen success when building backlinks for their hubs?

    1. Greekgeek profile image96
      Greekgeekposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Considering how the Penguin algorithm has been cracking down on manipulative linking practices (links designed to boost search rankings), I'm warier than ever of backlinking. My approach is: put your effort into creating excellent, relevant content, and if you have several articles in the same niche, cross-link them. (Hubpages makes this really easy by letting you set up "groups" on your dashboard; you can then assign hubs to a group and they'll automatically link to the next and previous hub in the group). Other than that, I wouldn't waste time planting links for search engines, since we don't know which links search engines see as significant, relevant, good or spammy, or which they'll be penalizing down the road.

      Hubpages ensures that articles will be found by search engines within a day or so via the links from the topics page and the fact that it's crawled daily by most major search engines.

      Links serve an entirely different purpose which may be worth doing: they help real people (as opposed to search engines) find your content. Cross-links between related articles do that. So do links shared on social media. And search engines are looking for ways to rank up content that's widely shared on social sites. However, there's a catch. People don't like to be exploited for traffic or advertising, and may write you off as a spammer for excessive self-promotion. Therefore, I suggest only sharing your own stuff on a site where you've genuinely been participating, interacting, and sharing other interesting/useful stuff you've come across.

      This article may be worth a read: Danny Sullivan's famous rant on hard vs easy links.