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Got Rid of Duplicates, Not Sure How to Proceed

  1. Lionrhod profile image79
    Lionrhodposted 3 years ago

    So, a week or two ago I started a new hub based on an old article of mine on a defunct website.

    HP told me it was duplicate content, and sure enough, even though my old website was down, a few others had copied my article without permission.

    So I contacted all the relevant parties, got everything taken down.

    (Ack and in the process found some other pages that were "borrowed" and am working on getting them down too! Sheesh! One of my articles had 7 or 10 copies.)

    Just checked and all duplicates are down. The only one that shows on Google now leads to a 404 page.

    I resubmitted my hub, but do I need to contact support? If so, who do I contact?


  2. Glenn Stok profile image99
    Glenn Stokposted 3 years ago

    You have to make sure Yahoo and Bing also had removed the indexing to the copies.

    You are lucky you were able to get those duplicates taken down since you didn't have your original online anymore.  For future reference, never delete a hub without checking first that it was not stolen.

    If you are sure all major search engines had dropped it, then resubmit. It wouldn't hurt to notify support at that time.

    1. Lionrhod profile image79
      Lionrhodposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      What was fortunate was that the wayback machine had recorded those articles years ago and that the dates waaay preceded any of the stolen copies.

      I found it even MORE fortunate because thanks to my house fire I didn't even have copies of my articles on HD or save disks, and couldn't have reproduced/added to them without that. YAY Wayback!.

      For sure I won't delete any hub before checking on it's stolen status. In this case however it was a matter of 1) house fire deleting data 2) house fire deleting ability to access website 3) house fire deleting ability to pay for website 4) website and url not getting paid and being deleted by the host.

      Fortunate my family is still alive, so not complaining.

      How do I contact support?

      1. Glenn Stok profile image99
        Glenn Stokposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        You sure went through a lot of a loss due to your house fire. It's good, at least, that your family is okay. That is what counts, for sure. I always keep a second physical backup at a remote location just in case of a fire or other lose. HP support email is team@HubPages.com.

        1. Lionrhod profile image79
          Lionrhodposted 3 years agoin reply to this

          Thanks Glenn! Just emailed them.

          Yep, I was lucky that my mom had archived some of my writing (we edit each other's work). Fortunately she saved my novel in progress and a few other things. I definitely need to figure out a backup system besides just having to rely on her though.