I'm accepted for Google Adsense! Currently under review

  1. Joseph Garea profile image52
    Joseph Gareaposted 3 years ago

    Everybody on here seems so nice and helpful.

    After 8 hubs I was denied due to not enough content. I just submitted again, four months and 15 hubs, I was accepted!

    The email message says: 

    Your application has been successfully reviewed. Now you need to create your first ad unit and place the ad code on hubpages to fully activate your account. Note that before your account is fully activated, only blank ads will appear on your pages. Once your account is fully activated, you’ll receive a confirmation email and begin to see live ads

    On my earnings page I have an affiliate code and it says active. For the ad program it also says active status. It also appears that my Hubs have ads and are not blank. I have not received a fully accepted email yet.

    Does this mean that I could earn money now or do I have to wait until I get fully accepted? Do I have to take any further action myself?

    Thank you all in advance.

  2. Joseph Garea profile image52
    Joseph Gareaposted 3 years ago

    I just received a new email today stating that I was full approved into the program!

    My first 1/2 day earned me some pennies!

    It's a start.

  3. SoundNFury profile image83
    SoundNFuryposted 3 years ago

    Congratulations!  I remember how excited it was to get that news.  Here's to a bright future of earnings!