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Any feedback welcome on my hub: Travel is Hard, Do it Anyway.

  1. Anna C Taylor profile image88
    Anna C Taylorposted 2 years ago

    I'm only a few weeks into Hubpages and I seem to be getting pretty high hub scores, but not a lot of traffic. I'm wondering if it's because of the kind of topics I'm writing about or has something to do with my SEO or writing quality.

    I have a fairly new hub called "Travel is Hard, Do it Anyway" that I'm fairly proud of but it hasn't gotten much traffic. It's a new kind of post for me so I wouldn't be surprised if I need to make some adjustments. If anyone is willing to check it out and give me some advice it would be much appreciated!

    http://annactaylor.hubpages.com/hub/The … out-Travel

  2. billybuc profile image88
    billybucposted 2 years ago

    Here's the thing about traffic on hubs...if you want traffic from the HP community then you need to comment on the hubs of other writers.  It's the only way for a newcomer to garner any kind of loyal following.  If you want traffic from Google then you play the keyword game and wait a few months for your hub to circulate on the internet.

  3. DrMark1961 profile image99
    DrMark1961posted 2 years ago

    Hi Anna I would not really expect a lot of traffic from that hub even if it sits and stews on Googles list. It is general and most travellers are going to be looking for something specific when they are researching a location to travel.
    I lived in southern Morocco for seven years and was interested to see your take on travel in Marrakesh. (I lived on the other side of the Atlas but my wife is from there so I stayed in that city many times.) I didnt agree with it all (trains and taxis!) but did think it was well put together. You can add several more titles to that subject (like "Train Travel in Morocco" or "Taking a Taxi in Marrakesh") and may have a succesful hub out of those.
    I think writing in a niche is a good strategy since if you are recognized as an "expert" by a search engine you have a better chance of your articles getting a good ranking. In order to be seen as an expert, you need to write a lot more!
    I will be looking forward to reading your hubs about South America. Good luck.

    1. Anna C Taylor profile image88
      Anna C Taylorposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Too general. That didn't occur to me. Thank you so much for your advice!

      My Morocco post was just based on my experience so I entirely believe other people have had different experiences. I'm glad you liked it.

  4. relache profile image87
    relacheposted 2 years ago

    That Hub rehashes extremely common and oft-repeated travel advice.  Don't expect it to make any big waves. 

    You would probably find it drawing more traffic if it included unique and personal experiences and expertise but by just repeating generic info available from almost any travel site it's not going to stand out against a million other similar pages from better-weighted travel authorities.