Too Many Videos In This Series?

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    Eric Seidelposted 2 years ago

    Hello everybody I have finally completed my Solo Missions series of Hubs (more videos to come though, but the textual parts are finished). I would like some advice on the videos I have posted in Volumes 1-4 (and later five). I know I only need two videos to get evergreen but my concern is the bandwidth of the hubs. I'm not concerned with being well over 1,500 words (I know it's taboo but I'm not stressed over THAT), but with text aside what would be the better course of action here regarding the videos?

    Should I add links to the YouTube videos, titled "Video Walkthrough" for each one, and just keep two videos per Hub? OR is there a way for me to make "video Hub" like I did with the Reference Guide, but have it be just Videos and barely any text. Is that later option even doable anymore? … ence-Guide

    (Links to Volumes one through four in the Reference Guide)

    As far as the screenshots are concerned should I Thumbnail the pictures? Would readers still be able to click on those screenshots to see a larger version of them?

    Also, once again, please ignore the "you're over the 1,500 word limit" thing. I'm just looking for advice regarding videos and pictures thanks. smile

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      calculus-geometryposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Add as many video capsules as you deem necessary to illustrate the missions.  Hubs with lots of videos usually load fine for me and i don't have the best internet, but you can test them on different devices and connection speeds and see how well they load. As for images, since most readers are on mobile devices, full-width photos are better.

      There is no word limit on HP, 1500 words is perfectly fine. Also, whether a hub is evergreen or not does not depend on how many videos it has.  Sounds like you got some bad info from someone.

      Anyway, your hubs are good because they're very thorough so just keep writing them and formatting them the way you think is most beneficial for the reader.