Advertisements and Viewability - Quantcast has spoken

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    makingamarkposted 23 months ago

    Given the way in which the HubPages advert income seems to keep diving this is a very interesting report about VIEWABILITY i.e. whether adverts ever get seen - from Quantcast.

    I guess it seeks to address the age old question of people spending a fortune on advertising but not knowing which bit is 'doing the business' - or indeed which sites work best! … -wp-en.pdf

    Their email to me suggests that it is based on
    * three years of experimentation, testing and development on viewability
    * analysing, on average, five billion impressions per month across over 10,000 publishers on every major RTB exchange.

    The report is VERY TECHIE - so for nerds only! (We know who we are!)

    "This guide explains everything marketers need to know about viewability including its definition, the state of viewable inventory and how viewability impacts performance.
    What’s inside:
    1. How viewability is defined, measured and optimised
    2. The hard truths of viewability
    3. How viewability impacts performance
    4. Five key viewability questions answered"

    One very interesting conclusion is that "above the fold is a very poor proxy for viewability" i.e. they acknowledge that people scroll fast past the adverts!