How do I remove the product capsule?

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    mohammed karjatposted 15 months ago

    We have detected too many products in one or more of your Hubs.
    Product capsules should supplement an otherwise in-depth Hub and not be the main reason for the article's existence. Only include products that are directly related to the subject matter of a Hub and that you have personal experience with.

    We suspect that the following Hubs have this problem:

    10 Google Tricks and Secrets
    Clinical & Self-Hypnosis - Risks & Benefits

    To correct this issue, please review your Hubs and ensure that all product capsules are used judiciously. If you have many Hubs in your account, we suggest working through Featured Hubs first and prioritizing them in descending order of traffic.

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      tsmogposted 15 months ago in reply to this

      In 'Edit Mode' go to the capsule and click the red 'X' to delete the capsule.

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    mohammed karjatposted 15 months ago

    Yes, I have got around the problem. thanks for the reply.