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Net Neutrality and HubPages

  1. Kierstin Gunsberg profile image98
    Kierstin Gunsbergposted 3 months ago

    Hey Everyone!

    I was just wondering if anyone else is feeling concerned about how repealing net neutrality might affect our ability to earn here through the HubPages network.

    Almost all of my traffic comes from Google, but if Google is harder to access then I wonder how my traffic and then my earnings might drop.

    Does anyone have insight into this? Any perspectives from people with more knowledge on the nuances?

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  2. Ken Burgess profile image90
    Ken Burgessposted 3 months ago

    Google will not be impacted by this negatively, there is no reason to think any of the larger (most powerful) corporations like Google would become anything other than more accessible and dominant.

    Those with the money and established internet markets will be able to provide even better services, while those smaller corporations and independent sites will lose out on being so easy to access and find.

    Think of it in terms of stores, and what went on 20 years ago... the independent small stores will go out of business... and the larger chains (IE - Walmart, Home Depot) will become an even larger, more recognized, and perhaps the only option(s) you will have to work with.

    1. psycheskinner profile image82
      psycheskinnerposted 3 months agoin reply to this

      If net neutrality goes, Hubpages will be drastically effected.  if you think otherwise you need to read up on the topic more.  When the web becomes like cable TV, content sites will not come out the winner.

      http://www.businessinsider.com/net-neut … you-2014-1

  3. Gregory DeVictor profile image96
    Gregory DeVictorposted 3 months ago

    Kierstin, would you please explain to me just what "net neutrality"  is because I don't have a clue. Thanks.

  4. Kierstin Gunsberg profile image98
    Kierstin Gunsbergposted 3 months ago

    Hey Gregory, psycheskinner's link explains it better than I ever could.