how do i build backlinks to my hub?

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    kindit77posted 8 years ago

    its not that i cant build backlinks to my hub , but what am trying to say is that can i send hundreds of links to my hub without getting penalised by google . please i need your knowledge on these

  2. sixfigurewriting profile image56
    sixfigurewritingposted 8 years ago

    You really don't get any traction with Google UNTIL you have hundreds or even thousands of backlinks!  they think backlinks makes you more "authoritative". The problem is if you have a brand new site, recently registered, and you have little content, and then suddenly get hundreds or thousands of links, they can sideline you for that. (called, "sandboxed").  But by all means you should go for getting backlinks! I have a few strategies on my Hubs for easy and inexpensive backlinking.

  3. The Empire profile image81
    The Empireposted 8 years ago

    With HP you don't necessarily need tons of backlinks.  HP's own authority and PageRank will allow you to get away with 20 or 30 strong links to rank very well.  Obviously, if you are in a niche that is extremely competitive you don't have much of a chance, except for the longtail searches.

    Use the blogs that you already have for links, and make sure that every hub you have is linked together.