What is backlinks and how to get it for my Hubs

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    mrahubposted 8 years ago

    What is backlinks and how to get it for my Hubs

    Need Info about backlinks.How to put dofollow and domotfollow in bound link.I mean how to put html of dofollow/donotfollow backlinks.Can I know which are the dofollow/donotfollow inboundlinks for my HUb i.e  http://hubpages.com/hub/online-form-fil … sting-jobs

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    retellectposted 8 years ago

    Backlinks are any links that point to your page. If you want to post dofollow backlinks, install SEO quake in your browser and it will show you whether or not it is a dofollow link. If a line runs through the middle of the link, it indicates that it is a nofollow link.

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    harristposted 8 years ago

    its easy how to do it,just leave  some comment, in dofollow blogs but first you should download some SEO tools in mozzila if you use mozilla as your browser, my favorite tools is FOXY rank cause you can analyze the page rank juice, and it can save your times and money and how to leave good cmoment in other people pages here's some sample

    nice article, man!! great jobs here some article maybe it can help your question this article about dofollow pr 9   

    Bingo!!! there you go , you have one free backlink and remember you should use foxy rank to save your times and don't to much ask a question in some forum instead you should answering questions in some forums, or maybe you go to forum make a groups, and play the games,ask your friends to make some questions that related to your website, and then you answering that question and leave your url, but unfortunately, everyone already doing it for a long time, and it call link building, so I think you should go to my hub leave your comment and you just made your first backlink, but remember the article should related with yours website, others wise , Big G will call you as a spammer!!!, is there any fast ways to create huge backlink,? if you ask, of course there is,just pay some pro link builder in some website,  but you should be care full, and give them detail requirement to the pro link builder, and it can be anything, E.g external Links, website/blog page rank, themes that related with your article, to avoid bad neighborhood, !! anyway I got to go and thank you for providing a good quality questions (sorry for my bad English)