Im looking to get some infomation on Slias and Mary Johnson (Presley)

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    Luther121posted 7 years ago

    Im looking to get some infomation  on Slias and Mary Johnson (Presley)

    By going by your this family history its very close to mine.. I am hoping that I might be able to find out a little infomation on this story. Silas and Mary Johnson did they have a son and daugter by the names of  ( Luther W. Johnson) born 1/1/1901 and (Laura Holt)  and did Izora have a sons by the name of (Luther McCool) (Glen McCool).

    The reason why I am asking is Im doing a little research on my fathers side of the family. Im Luther L. Johnson, My father was Luther W. Johnson and his Father was Silas Johnson and his wife was name Mary Presley. Any info would be thankful.