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Is life on hubpages competition or happy coexistance

  1. sofs profile image81
    sofsposted 7 years ago

    Is life on hubpages competition or happy coexistance

  2. sriparna profile image81
    sriparnaposted 7 years ago

    In my short span of two months, I felt happy co-existence and team-winning philosophy persists on hubpages rather than having cut-throat competition against each other. So much of help and guidance are extended by the hubbers, so many different kinds of threads are opened and commented upon in the forums, which not only help the person who had asked the question, but also other readers.
    Comments are generally polite and inspiring, concept of fan mails, accolades and having increased followers with time and hub addition really makes you a part of a co-operative community.
    Hope to feel the same in the future too!

  3. K9keystrokes profile image93
    K9keystrokesposted 7 years ago

    Truly happy coexistance! Hubbers seem to be a very knowledgeable group that, like most truly brilliant people, are not affraid of new things and are willing to share what they know. I have only been a hubber for a couple of months and I have only had good experiences with legitimate hubbers. Being among the brilliant has a very possitive effect on one.

    Best wishes,

  4. sjames4444 profile image60
    sjames4444posted 7 years ago

    Happy coexistance. I have had nothing but great experiences with hubpages.

  5. sofs profile image81
    sofsposted 7 years ago

    I agree with all of you and hats off to all you hubbers, you are wonderful, knowledgable, expressive and impressive. I am still here because you helped me. Thank you and I appreciate