Question On Earnings, and Where I am going wrong?

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    jasoncox83posted 7 years ago

    Question On Earnings, and Where I am going wrong?

    1) How do you achieve such high followers on a per article basis?
    2)Are you actually earning what I have been reading of $1.00 average per article per month? I only ask this as through all my advertising methods Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, etc. Have produced a decent amount of traffic yet my page impressions only reflect 25% of my actual traffic. Therefore my earnings have be very low when compared to the hours spent writing, and promoting each article. I guess when it boils down to it, I am just not sure where I am going wrong. I do my keyword research, write my article, then p

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    Vandelayposted 7 years ago

    It takes time for the search engines to pick you up. Also, you need "do-follow" links from sites such as Ezine, I'm pretty sure that Digg, Edditt, etc. are "no-follow" links. They still help, but do not provide the link power of a real article. It also takes a lot of Hubs to build up your Hub status. Interact with other Hubbers and realize that the links that you get from them following you also helps your ability to really get the traffic. Good luck.

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