Hi Mich - Nice HUB Page, I am very new to this, What is your "Green Tea Yogurt"

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    SpiritualReach247posted 7 years ago

    Hi Mich - Nice HUB Page, I am very new to this, What is your "Green Tea Yogurt" recipe, do you have1

    I tried to locate the info on the "Green Tea Yogurt" you shared in a comment I read earlier and can not find anything....Will you please share soon! and TY for all you do to make lives easier for children and their parents, through FOOD! etc.....Amen!


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    Michel Jayneposted 7 years ago

    Hi Spiritual Reach!  Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you.  Somehow I didn't notice there was a question for me.

    Green tea smoothie is one of my favorites!!! The link is on my blog - The Kissable Kitchen.  Here it is for you
    http://www.food.com/recipe/matcha-green … tte-133955

    Another one of my favorites - although it is in a cupcake it still adds a healthy kick to a not so healthy treat for kids. Here is the link.  http://www.anhsfoodblog.com/2007/03/gre … cakes.html

    Green tea frozen yogurt is another good one (I can eat a large one of these!) http://bakingatmidnight.blogspot.com/20 … ogurt.html

    As for Green Tea normal yogurt I will tell you what I do - it's fast, tastes good and of course you get the health kick from the green tea. I take normal bio yogurt (I prefer greek yogurt because it is so creamy).  I buy green tea CAPSULES.  I open the capsule and dump it into the plain yogurt.  Mix well and that's it!  I love it however, don't over due the green tea.  One capsule for a small pot of yogurt is plenty.  If it is too strong for you then add the capsule to a larger amount of yogurt.  Just keep playing around with it until you get it to the point that is enjoyable for you to eat.  If you are like, me, a green tea crazy than you won't have to play around too much.

    Hope this suffices.

    Healthy happy eating!