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Is it a good idea to back up my hubs?

  1. AshleyRB profile image57
    AshleyRBposted 7 years ago

    Is it a good idea to back up my hubs?

    I have heard stories where people were banned from hubpages for no reason? So it is a good idea to keep copies of my old hubs on my computer or do I have nothing to worry about? I haven't break any rules or anything to my knowledge.

  2. Right On Time profile image61
    Right On Timeposted 7 years ago

    Yeah I would, I mean you never know what's going to happen, maybe you won't be banned but your account may have a problem or something. I'm sure HubPages wouldn't let it happen, but why not? I always back up things at work.

  3. simeonvisser profile image84
    simeonvisserposted 7 years ago

    As long as you do nothing shady, I don't think you have to worry about getting banned. I do have backups of my hubs but I also think HubPages does everything they can do protect their content in case their computers start failing. I have not heard stories of people who got banned for no reason but having backups never hurts.

  4. profile image0
    Butch Newsposted 7 years ago

    I trust HubPages to have back up servers.

    I create so much stuff that I don't back up much of anything except photos.  I don't even back up video because I create so much I would soon be into terabytes of video.  I'm certain YouTube backs up their stuff... in fact I know they do.

    When I write for HubPages that is what it is for.  I can just as easily spin more stuff, motor mouth that I am.  I don't like to repeat myself so I move on.

  5. HRoger profile image60
    HRogerposted 7 years ago

    Of course you have nothing to worry about it at all.  Each word you type ,  every Hub you publish, is entirely yours. HubPages specifically says that they are a channel of Content Sharing, and that they do not  hold any rights over  the content we publish. Feel  free to back up all your content, as much as you want, to your computer, to CDS, online File hosting places. Save it on files, however you would like.  It is all your created content.

    I hope I was a bit of help.

    Thanks for the  question.

  6. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image97
    Wesman Todd Shawposted 7 years ago

    I've known of only one person to get banned from hubpages, and that is a friend of mine, named "Drill Sergeant Dharma;" that fellow, though I approve of his banter, pushed every envelope possible here, and everywhere he writes on the net.  He's exceptional in his ability to be offensive to idiots, and smart people alike.  His problem is that he just doesn't care that people don't take the time to know where he's coming from, or what his true intentions are with his inflammatory content.

    You'd really, really have to push buttons to get banned as he did.

    1. afriqnet profile image50
      afriqnetposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Your comment is hilarious smile

  7. C.V.Rajan profile image78
    C.V.Rajanposted 7 years ago

    I normally write my article in my word processor and then post it into the Hub. That is the most recommended practice for writing in any site. You should always have a copy at hand that you can make use of at a latter date.

  8. L a d y f a c e profile image77
    L a d y f a c eposted 7 years ago

    I wouldn't say you've got too much to worry about unless you're the next Ron Jeremy looking for a stage..

    I'm a backup nut. I have a raid 5 set up on my home server so that unless all my hard drives die at once, I won't lose anything. I have copies of the super important stuff on an external hard-drive too.

    I copy my hubs and save them on my computer..just..because they're mine smile I wrote them, I'm proud of them, and in the event I can't get access to them at the exact moment I want to see one, I have them here smile For instance, at Christmas I wanted to show one to my Nan, but her internet was down. No problem!

  9. Hubpage Gal profile image60
    Hubpage Galposted 6 years ago

    It is not wise to draft a hub on the text of the hubpage tool.  The wiser choice is to compose the hub or the article on Microsoft Word and then copy and paste the article to the hubpage tool.  Yahoo Contributor Network has guarded against anyone copying and pasting from their tool.  Therefore it is best to have the article on Microsoft word where the copy and paste function is useful.