Myspace Cursors

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    Myspace Cursorsposted 8 years ago

    Just finished two hubs.  Most people don't care because myspace is dead.  I saw one similar article but decided to write one anyways. big_smile  Also I made two pages because I thought Myspace 2.0 is totally separate from seems that way very much I think.

    I wrote about a few sites, <snipped> and <snipped>...hope it doesn't get considered as spam.  I wrote pretty fast and probably got a lot of typo's.  Also I am not an English Major.  Can anyone critique me?

    I plan on adding images and stuff...Can you add youtube videos as well?  Anyone know? 

    Also I tried uploading an animated gif and it didn't allow me.  Anyway you can upload those, or no?

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    Hoop-A-Jooposted 8 years ago

    I am still new at HP.  I did look at your hub. both are bit short about 300 word, might want to add more in there.  And yes you can add pictures, youtube video, yahoo and some other video as well.  I am sure once you add some more into content it will look much better.