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Did you ever run into someone you knew from the past on Hubpages?

  1. Rock_nj profile image93
    Rock_njposted 6 years ago

    Did you ever run into someone you knew from the past on Hubpages?

    Just wondering if anyone has had the pleasure of running into an old friend via Hubpages?


  2. Happyboomernurse profile image86
    Happyboomernurseposted 6 years ago

    Not that I'm aware of, but sometimes I wonder if we would even know if we did as many, like myself, use hubber names and even though we may post photos, those who haven't seen us for years might night recognize us.
    This is a great question, though, and I'm interested in hearing the answers.

  3. Sinea Pies profile image80
    Sinea Piesposted 6 years ago

    Yes!  Tor Cosintino.  He and his wife are very good friends with our children.

  4. Phil Plasma profile image77
    Phil Plasmaposted 6 years ago

    So far no.  I have spoken to a few friends about hubpages and so far none of them have joined, though if they did it wouldn't be the same as discovering someone here first.

  5. BabyCheetah profile image75
    BabyCheetahposted 6 years ago

    No I haven't, I don't think I will either unless I invite people. Maybe I should do that tongue

  6. profile image0
    mikeq107posted 6 years ago

    Some one I met a few years back at a BNI Meeting..thats as far back as I can go :0)

  7. Rosie2010 profile image77
    Rosie2010posted 6 years ago

    No. But I think there is a hubber here I recognize from another site, but I'm not 100% sure.  She was mean to me there, so I hope the similarity in the name is simply co-incidental.  She is using an avatar here, so I'm not sure.

  8. Hantaywee profile image60
    Hantayweeposted 6 years ago

    No I haven't and I'd be shocked if I did since I'm not on here all that often.