What happened to my google adsense account?

  1. sharnas profile image58
    sharnasposted 6 years ago

    What happened to my google adsense account?

    I created an account in google adsense before three months. But I couldn't active account because the google adsense inform me that your hub is under constructions. After that I tried to get an account so many times. Then I got answer that you have already an account. But I didn't active my account. What happened here? Can anyone help me to access an account in google adsense?

  2. anish92 profile image79
    anish92posted 6 years ago

    Try to log into your adsense account. I google doesnot permit it (ie. say something like account under review or something like that) then you can safely try afresh with a different e-mail address.
    I should warn u that if your current mailing address is in India or China then getting approved by Adsense maybe tougher than what most (US based) writers have led you to believe!