How does one sell an antique magazine, 1st issue, Arizona Highways 1925, perfect

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    cfecoposted 6 years ago

    How does one sell an antique magazine, 1st issue, Arizona Highways 1925, perfect shape?

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    Admiral_Joraxxposted 6 years ago

    There are several ways to sell your mags cfeco. I made a careful and quick search over the internet and found this information maybe value to you.

    There are people or organizations who are possibly interested in your antique mags.

    1. scrap buyers-who buy old magazines and use them as materials for profitable  artworks. however, they are not the best place to sell because they offer low price for your magazine.

    2. public libraries-however they buy by bulks not single book. house-be updated about upcoming auctions or public exhibits near your place, you can display your mags there for possible interested buyers or you can met someone who might as well be interested in displaying your magazines there. is also a good place to auction or to sell your magazines.

    4. antique collectors-the best way to sell, because they offer good price for your mags.

    Things that makes an old magazine interesting. if your magazine has any of these qualities, then chances are you will get a good price for them.

    1.It discuss about a great controversy or mystery during the time it was published.
    2.It discuss about great artists, actors, celebrities or athletes of the past. has vintage ads on it, about companies or products which are still existing or are has become a great dynasty today. example Coca-cola.

    as for the 1st issue of Arizona Highways 1925 magazine, i learned there are ads on it, and it was published to give auto-mobile owners idea about good roads in Arizona that they can take for an enjoyable also contains good vintage images of beautiful scenery around Arizona. Its a great magazine i think.

    finally, you might fine these pages useful. … azines.htm

    Well, good luck on your sales! I know you can make it!