Looking for guest writer for 1 blog post about HubPages. Interested ??

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    writer4webposted 10 years ago

    My name is writer4web and I have a blog at :


    This week I am going to be featuring a series of articles and reviews on content submission sites.

    I am looking for an experienced  Hubber to write a guest post for my blogspot on the topic of HubPages. I would be interested in knowing what attracted the writer to the site, what are some of their good or bad experiences, and if HubPages was a site that they would or would not recommend to other writers. I am looking for a writer for this week, although the post doesn't have to be too long or too in depth. Although there is no payment for this article, the guest writer will receive full credit and links to their material at HubPages. Leave me a comment on the blog with your HubPages user name and some way to leave you my email.

    Thanx Hubbers!