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What is LemmingFace and Twinker. It sounded in a recent answer like they were we

  1. john000 profile image96
    john000posted 6 years ago

    What is LemmingFace and Twinker. It sounded in a recent answer like they were websites.

    In a recent post, a Hubber referred to getting on LemmingFace and Twinker . It was in reference to learning how to use keywords, I think. What are these? I haven't found the site, if they are sites.

  2. kgala0405 profile image82
    kgala0405posted 6 years ago

    From what I understand a Twinker is a newbie or someone who is new to something.  The difference between a newbie and a Twinker is age. I think most Twinker's are young where a newbie can be any age.  I'm not sure, but I think the English use this slang more than people in the US.

    LemingFace is a new one for me.  The word lemming is often referenced to someone who is so dumb they would walk off the edge of a cliff and not know it.  I think that slang can be referenced to the the video game Lemmings that came out in the early 90's or the  creature that is notoriously stupid. 

    Its not the best answer, but that's what I know.

  3. fernando d. profile image61
    fernando d.posted 6 years ago

    not sure myself, but it wouldn't be any deferent from what we have here, and face book, tweeter. you can be sure it is a deferent domain, and surely deferent rules.more likely deferent country as well.

  4. rutley profile image73
    rutleyposted 6 years ago

    Sounds like a kids book to me.......A rabbit and a donkey?  Ha ha!

  5. ruthclark3 profile image73
    ruthclark3posted 6 years ago

    I found so many things wearing the Lemming name it's impossible to give a short answer.  I did find a blog that is of great value (at least it was to me) and you can find it here:  http://apatheticlemming.blogspot.com/p/ … html#links

    Twinker is equally elusive.  Wikipedia says several things, but this one comes first:

    "Twink" is a gay slang term describing a young or young-looking gay man (18–23 age category) with a slender, ectomorph build, little or no body hair, and no facial hair.[4][5] In some societies, the term chick or chicken is preferred.[6] The related term twinkle-toes, which implies that a man is effeminate, tends to be used in a derogatory manner.[7] The terms can be complimentary or pejorative.[8][9]

    I would not use either term just because they tend to slaughter the language.  It seems that some, mostly young, tend to change the meanings of and the spelling, of perfectly good words to suit their own cliques or to devise a code.  Some seem to think it matters to the rest of us when they chop up our language. 

    Perhaps they are practicing for careers in espionage.