How did hubpages made you happy so far?

  1. Naima Bilal profile image60
    Naima Bilalposted 6 years ago

    How did hubpages made you happy so far?

    It has made me tremendously happy. I typed in my name in the search engine google and it showed me Naima Bilal on hubpages on the first search. I showed it to all my family members and friends at the kitty party. So many of them are now hubbers themselves. Then it also gave me space to place my creations I need to boast for my free lance writer cv.

  2. michifus profile image80
    michifusposted 6 years ago

    Very happy for you. Its a great place to write and to start a career as an online writer. If you don't fancy that, just do it for fun!

    Online writing can be lonely and boring, but Hubpages gets me through those days and makes me happy. Its a great community, the people on here are (mostly) great, and there are many ways to interact with others and share points of view and of course - read great material.

    Keep up the writing - it gets better the more you put in here at Hubpages smile