seeking an artist

  1. kwalters profile image55
    kwaltersposted 8 years ago

    Primarily, I am starting this forum to find an artist for a children's story I have posted.  The current art is pretty lame.  I created the charaters on an online sight, using the basics of Southpark cartoons.  Comment however you wish, if you wish.  I am not currently worried about formatting, and I'm capable of making "the look" of the story better.  Editorial and/or critical comments are always useful, but not my purpose here.

    As for the art, the story is an imatation of Dr. Seuss, but stands on its own, bringing ideas up to date, more or less.  I envision the art doing the same, with a flavor of Dr. Seuss, but mostly new, possibly 3D.  I would love if the artist had connections with an agent or publisher, and the book could be targeted for Christmas 2010.

  2. Mrs. Obvious profile image96
    Mrs. Obviousposted 8 years ago

    if you get no luck here, go to Its a great way to get a real working artist. Good luck