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Has anyone of you got success by using Ebay Capsules?

  1. tnvrstar profile image76
    tnvrstarposted 5 years ago

    Has anyone of you got success by using Ebay Capsules?

    I know that Ebay does not pay commission rather it pays  based on the number of valid Clicks. How much have you earned so far by using ebay?

  2. billericky profile image65
    billerickyposted 5 years ago

    I was shocked after reading our question to find that I have actually received a payment from ebay in the last few weeks.

    I only have a few ebay capsules in several hubs, but I have just got my first payment of just over $50.

    I have been using the ebay capsules since November 4th 2011, so it has taken me about a year to earn $50.

    Many of my ebay capsules had become defunct, as the seller had withdrawn the item from sale or had sold out. So I just deleted them and replaced the capsules with amazon ones.

    Now I intend to re-introduce ebay capsules and add many more to my other hubs, just to see what happens.

  3. LindaSmith1 profile image60
    LindaSmith1posted 5 years ago

    Not me, but I only have one, and new with using them. Plus, I have stopped
    publishing Hubs here for past 5 months.

    I have seen those with both Amazon and Ebay claim they do better with Ebay than Amazon.

    But, you have to stay on top of Ebay capsules.  If price changes, bidding is closed, you have to take care of it manually yourself.

    If price of item in Amazon changes, etc, the changes are made automatically.

  4. luisj305 profile image84
    luisj305posted 5 years ago

    Ebay works nicely for me, I see steady daily earnings which continue to become a higher average as I publish more hubs or tweak the capsules around to experiment.

    They only pay per click, but when  your capsules actually produce a sale, your value rises quickly. Any future clicks will be worth more for a certain amount of time. I have had better earnings from Ebay than with Amazon. So, no longer use Amazon.

    Although at this point I'm only earning pocket change from the Ebay program, it adds up at the end of the month. Ebay earnings gave me the extra boost I needed to reach my last payout. There have also been a few days where the amount has passed over one hundred pennies, and a couple of days where the amount has been a few dollars.

    I'm satisfied with the way it has worked for me, I have less than two dozen hubs but Ebay is a consistent tunnel of earnings. I can imagine someone with just a few hundred articles with the right setup would be pulling in a nice xxx.xx sum monthly from Ebay alone.

    1. Taleb80 profile image82
      Taleb80posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you for sharing your experience.

  5. dailytop10 profile image92
    dailytop10posted 5 years ago

    I've already earned $10 from ebay capsules alone so I can say it's definitely worth your time and effort. Just be sure to incorporate related ebay products to your hubs and you'll never go wrong. Good luck!