What will you do for Articles stay in Hubpages (Not Moved to Niche)?

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  1. sirama profile image96
    siramaposted 6 months ago

    When a article is posted in Hubpages, it initially goes to Hubpages. Then, it will undergo QAP and based on the result may become Featured. Then, these featured articles goes to Niche when an editor sees potential in it.

    The article staying in Hubpages will not get much traffic because of googles algorithms. Now, the question is, what will you hubbers do with those articles after one year (After manual attempt to Move it to Niche Fails)?

    Is there any action Hubpages taking to have a new replacement site for Hubpages.com (Not separate Niche) as it is punished by google already? I am asking because, all new articles posted by author goes to this brand new site when it passes QAP and stays here to monitor how google treats it. If it stays in Hubpages, google may not index it at all or takes long time to index because of its current ranking.

  2. paradigmsearch profile image89
    paradigmsearchposted 6 months ago

    Any article where HP has or causes a problem, I move to my own website.

    1. sirama profile image96
      siramaposted 6 months agoin reply to this

      Thank You paradigmsearch. I will move to My own site (I am planning to create one with HostGator and learning Joomla)

  3. Rochelle Frank profile image92
    Rochelle Frankposted 6 months ago

    Articles on HubPages are still accessible. You can promote them, you can edit them, update them and use them as a record of your progress. If you wish, you can move them to a personal blog, but there is no downside or penalty for having articles on HubPages.

    1. sirama profile image96
      siramaposted 6 months agoin reply to this

      Thank you Rochelle Frank.

      You see, Hubpages.com is hit by google badly. Today, all our newly written articles goes here and stays here if it is not moved to Niche. If hubpages admin creates a replacement site Say NewHubpages.com, all new our articles can move here (This NewHubpages.com is not punished by Google. Google see it as new baby).

      I am not sure why hubpages still sticks to Hubpages.com. It can move to new site and follow the same process as follows:
      1) New Articles goes to NewHubPages.com
      2) QAP will be done here. QAP failed one can move to Hubpages.com
      3) QAP passed one stays at NewHubpages.com
      4) QAP pased + High Quality one goes to Niche site

      Articles at Hubpages => Low Quality (Step 2)
      Article at NewHubpages.com => Medium Quality and Waiting for Niche based on raise in Page Rank. (Step 3)
      Step 4: Quality articles and same process as Hubpages Follows Today.

      If site is punished by Google, it is very hard to recover from it. A replacement site for Hubpages.com is a good idea

      1. paradigmsearch profile image89
        paradigmsearchposted 6 months agoin reply to this

        "If site is punished by Google, it is very hard to recover from it. A replacement site for Hubpages.com is a good idea"
        A 100 stars and a 100 pluses. Seriously, he is right. Once an article is associated with the hubpages . com domain, that article is severely handicapped for the rest of it's life; whether it's moved to niche or own site.

  4. FatFreddysCat profile image96
    FatFreddysCatposted 6 months ago

    Over the past couple of years I've un-published a lot of my earlier articles that haven't aged well (or weren't much good in the first place). When I have time I tinker with them to try and update them so they can have a shot at a niche site. Some are just hopelessly lame and not salvageable so I just let them quietly molder away on my account page in their unpublished state, for my eyes only.. (sigh)...

    Most of the articles I've updated have ended up making the jump to Niche Site Land, but it's a long slow process because frankly I would rather write new stuff than continue messing with old stuff.

  5. daniellepopovits profile image61
    daniellepopovitsposted 6 months ago

    You can revise the article and resubmit it to a niche site. If you put in enough work to get the quality and content up then eventually it should be able to be moved over.

  6. psycheskinner profile image85
    psycheskinnerposted 6 months ago

    I don't think Hubpages is punished by Google.  It's not sandboxed, it ranks okay.  It just isn't favored.  My Hubpages traffic is no worse than it ever was, the niche traffic is just better.

    If you can find a better place for your work, that's great.  But don;t assume that just any site would be better.

    1. sirama profile image96
      siramaposted 6 months agoin reply to this

      Hi Penny Skinner,

      As per SEMRUSH dot COM, the Organic Search Traffic Graph shows how bad the decline is for Hubpages.com.


      The above is estimate only and not exact picture (As it is from an external SEO site). But, one can do a comparative analysis and project where hubpages.com ends in next two years while niche's are doing extremely well.

      Today, every new article goes to hubpages.com and it is elevated to niche based on editor's review for Quality as well as potential to future traffic (Based on their analysis through some useful SEO tools). Quality is on our hand and Traffic is on google's hand. Sometimes, google sees an medium quality article and ranks it well as there is less competition for the content. When such an article staying in hubpages, pops up after 6 months (Based on google traffic) an editor considers it for improvement to meet the quality Standard of Niche.

      The point is, every author's valuable articles which passed the QAP and has the potential to get traffic from google, some times stays at Hubpages.com. An editor has limited Traffic estimates from Hubpages.com as it is already suffering. When an article moves to NewHubpages.com, editor can get increased volume of articles crossing the Traffic Threshold. For example, in a month 1000 Articles goes to hubpages.com and in which let us assume 30 crosses the Traffic threshold. If same 1000 articles goes to NewHubpages.com, there is a high possibility that 200 crosses the threshold.

      Note, how well turbofuture is doing in the below screenshot


      When we have NewHubpages.com domain, definitely we will get good ranking for article which is even not picked for Niche site but still passed the QAP. Note QAP failed is hidden to google eyes. Also, niche site will get newer article at a higher rate as the base site itself (NewHubpages.com) not beaten by google and it will feed well to Niches.

      I am not an native English speaker. So please forgive me if my English is bad smile

  7. psycheskinner profile image85
    psycheskinnerposted 6 months ago

    Yes, so that is not sandboxed.  And when a site moves half its content away it's traffic will decline.  Less content = less traffic.

    I am still not seeing anything more than normal Google vagueries, not a punishment.  I've been punished by Google on a site, it had zero rank for years.  Over the eight years I've been here it's been better and it's been worse.

    My point is just, if you don't have a better place to put you content, Hubpages is still okay--it will make some money there.  More than if you throw up some rando webste of your own and put it there.

    1. sirama profile image96
      siramaposted 6 months agoin reply to this

      Alright then smile

      Less content = less traffic.  (Agreed) [But, new site can grow as a new baby. May google see it good]

      it will make some money there: Agreed. But, the fact is - it is a waning moon.


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