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MP3 Player

  1. barranca profile image79
    barrancaposted 10 years ago

    Is there a way to put a MP3 file on a hub.  Where does one get the player, and does it go in the video capsule?


  2. spacebull profile image58
    spacebullposted 10 years ago

    Only way I can think of is to upload it to YouTube/Google Video as a movie and then insert it.

  3. barranca profile image79
    barrancaposted 10 years ago

    Thanks for the reply,  but that seems like a cumbersome process....perhaps this is an idea for hub improvement?

    1. pauldeeds profile image
      pauldeedsposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      We will consider it.

      The nice thing for us about YouTube and Google Video is that they deal with policing their content.  If there was a similar site for audio content that was easy to integrate with we'd consider it.   Allowing audio uploads directly on Hubpages would be nice, but it would suck up a lot of resources ...