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Free Backlinks and Traffic

  1. Routledge profile image78
    Routledgeposted 7 years ago

    I have been writing online for about 2 years now and I have found a very effective way to get a lot of solid backlinks as well as high traffic.
    NO SCAM...

    I have done this for a few different websites and found it effective. Using a blogger blog with 10-50 people publishing on it has shown to provide 10-50 views per day for the top 10-20 articles posted. As each person posts the first paragraph of their article on the blog then places a link it does 2 things, it gives them traffic from the blog which will have fresh content all the time and a ton of outbound links to relevant articles it will also put each article higher on SEO as it gets a page 1 rank backlink!
    I need some people to join in my most recent one focused towards Hub pages, Triond and Bukisa. It is called Write 2 Earn.

    You can find it at <link snipped>
    Feel free to ask any questions you want!

    (This is kind of promotional but it is more for the benefit of all of us and not an affiliate website etc.)

  2. thisisoli profile image74
    thisisoliposted 7 years ago

    Heh, who gets the money from the adsense adverts?

    10-50 views a day is not really that much, and I think you need to give a little more incentive if you want people to do your writing for you on an unranked website tongue

  3. Routledge profile image78
    Routledgeposted 7 years ago

    Well, with a few good people it climbs the ranks pretty fast. It's a pretty reliable source. Very good for newbies maybe not for someone who already makes a grand a month hehe tongue

  4. profile image0
    Kerry43posted 7 years ago

    Hi, be careful doing that, I have had both of my best paying blogs deleted for TOS violations when there weren't any, and when you  follow the steps to let them know you're human and you need your blog (and your income) reinstated, they never respond. End of story.

    I wish you the best.